Chapter645A Escrow Agencies and Agents  

NAC 645A.005. “Trust account” defined.
NAC 645A.055. Definitions.
NAC 645A.060. “Approved course” defined; consideration by Commissioner of alternative sources of programs.
NAC 645A.065. “Hour of instruction” defined.
NAC 645A.070. Requirements for initial licensure.
NAC 645A.075. Requirements for continuing education.
NAC 645A.080. Course material for initial licensure and continuing education: Approved subjects.
NAC 645A.085. Approval of provider; appeal of denial of approval.
NAC 645A.090. Approval of provider: Notice of material change in information provided in application for approval; qualification for and denial of renewal of approval.
NAC 645A.095. Approval of individual courses; appeal of denial of approval; restricted attendance; policy of provider concerning cancellations and refunds.
NAC 645A.100. Annual approval and contents of courses; unacceptable courses.
NAC 645A.105. Prerequisites to approval of computer-based distance education course.
NAC 645A.110. Renewal of approval of approved courses; review and audit of approved courses and instructors by Commissioner.
NAC 645A.115. Withdrawal of approval of approved courses.
NAC 645A.120. Approved providers: Maintenance and availability of certain records; provision of tentative schedules and evidence of licensure to Commissioner.
NAC 645A.125. Approved providers: Misrepresentation in advertising prohibited.
NAC 645A.130. Providers of approved courses: Employment of instructors; miscellaneous duties and restrictions.
NAC 645A.135. Instructors: Requirements for and restrictions on approval; periodic review and evaluation; credit for continuing education.
NAC 645A.140. Instructors: Denial or withdrawal of approval; appeal of denial or withdrawal.
NAC 645A.145. Instructors: Duties.
NAC 645A.150. Evaluation of approved courses and instructors by students; provision of certificates of completion.
NAC 645A.155. Certificates of completion of approved courses: Prerequisites to receipt; review of denial.
NAC 645A.160. Credit for approved course of continuing education: Prerequisites to receipt.
NAC 645A.210. Surety bond: Requirements for deductible.
NAC 645A.220. General and miscellaneous standards of practice; noncompliance with certain provisions.
NAC 645A.230. Disclosure of certain relationships and affiliations.
NAC 645A.240. Disposition of money deposited in escrow.
NAC 645A.250. Deposit of money held in trust; maintenance and availability of certain records.
NAC 645A.260. Maintenance and provision of certain records in electronic format.
NAC 645A.270. Transfer of funds between escrow accounts.
NAC 645A.300. Fee for supervision and related activities: Amount; collection; failure to pay; accounting of time billed.
NAC 645A.305. Annual examination of escrow agencies: Rating of escrow agency upon completion of examination.
NAC 645A.310. Annual financial statement.
NAC 645A.315. Notification of Commissioner of certain claims, complaints and judgments.
NAC 645A.350. Orders to cease and desist from certain activities.
NAC 645A.355. Denial of application for license: Issuance; hearing.
NAC 645A.360. Imposition of disciplinary action; hearing on taking possession of property of escrow agency.
NAC 645A.365. Notice of and hearing on certain orders of Commissioner; entry of final order; appeal of final order taking disciplinary action.
NAC 645A.370. Hearings: Coordination and notice of time and location.
NAC 645A.375. Hearings: Continuances.
NAC 645A.380. Hearings: Representation of respondent.
NAC 645A.385. Hearings: Disclosure of exhibits and list of witnesses; limitations on discovery.
NAC 645A.390. Hearings: Motions.
NAC 645A.395. Hearings: Procedure.
NAC 645A.400. Hearings: Burden and standard of proof.
NAC 645A.405. Hearings: Rules of evidence; informality of proceedings.
NAC 645A.410. Hearings: Decision of hearing officer.
NAC 645A.415. Posthearing motions.
NAC 645A.420. Informal disposition of contested cases; consent and settlement agreements.
NAC 645A.425. Immunity from civil liability.