Chapter648 Private Investigators, Private Patrol Officers, Polygraphic Examiners, Process Servers, Repossessors and Dog Handlers  

NAC 648.110. Definitions.
NAC 648.115. “Private investigator” interpreted.
NAC 648.120. Executive Director: Employment.
NAC 648.130. Meetings.
NAC 648.140. Executive Director: Duties.
NAC 648.215. “Corporation” defined.
NAC 648.220. Financial statement.
NAC 648.230. Application by corporation.
NAC 648.235. Corporations: Licensing without qualifying agent.
NAC 648.250. Corporations: Contracts of employment.
NAC 648.260. Qualifying agents for corporations; background investigations.
NAC 648.265. Limitations on qualifying agents for corporations.
NAC 648.270. Partnerships.
NAC 648.275. Qualifications of applicants: Credit for certain educational degrees.
NAC 648.280. Application for authorization to work on case in this State by person licensed in another jurisdiction; quarterly report to Board.
NAC 648.290. Record of criminal history.
NAC 648.310. Examinations.
NAC 648.320. Compliance with prerequisites for license.
NAC 648.325. Insurance required for all services provided under license.
NAC 648.330. Holding of license in abeyance; investigation of certain licensees who voluntarily place license in abeyance before return of license to licensee.
NAC 648.334. “Person” and “nonlicensed person” interpreted.
NAC 648.336. Determination of who is “bona fide employee” for purposes of NRS 648.140.
NAC 648.338. Employment of unlicensed persons: Restrictions; exemption.
NAC 648.3385. Employment of unlicensed persons: Registration requirements; duties of licensee; interpretation of “employed by.”
NAC 648.339. Application for registration: Review and denial or approval.
NAC 648.3395. Application for registration: Confidentiality.
NAC 648.3403. Registration fees due from applicant.
NAC 648.341. Examination: Administration; verification of passing score.
NAC 648.342. Examination: Scope.
NAC 648.343. Date of examination of employee to be recorded on Internet website for system of records; duties of licensee; proof that employee passed examination.
NAC 648.3435. Internet website for system of records regarding certain persons; confidentiality of information contained in system of records.
NAC 648.344. Change of employment notice.
NAC 648.3443. Suspension and reinstatement of provisional registration.
NAC 648.3447. Reapplication following denial, suspension or revocation of registration.
NAC 648.345. Prerequisites; certification of firearms instructors; renewal.
NAC 648.346. Course of training: Required curriculum; written examination; instruction and training on firing range; request for exemption by certain instructors; substitute course.
NAC 648.348. Course of training: Compliance with established curriculum; failure to comply; request for exemption to conduct course outside this State.
NAC 648.350. Course of training: Certification of successful completion and qualification with firearm; issuance of certification card; maintenance of certification; repetition of course and request for exemption by certain persons; fees; duties of certified person.
NAC 648.355. Duties of certified firearms instructors.
NAC 648.360. Approved instruments.
NAC 648.365. Standards of accuracy and reliability of instruments; verification of standards.
NAC 648.370. Interns: Qualifications of supervising examiner.
NAC 648.375. Interns: Phases of supervision; responsibility of supervising examiner.
NAC 648.380. Reports of intern’s progress.
NAC 648.385. Supervising examiners: List of interns; termination of relationship; termination of status.
NAC 648.390. Demonstration of completion of internship.
NAC 648.395. Licensing: Required instruction.
NAC 648.400. Licensing on basis of reciprocity.
NAC 648.410. Petitions concerning regulations: Filing.
NAC 648.420. Petitions concerning regulations: Consideration.
NAC 648.430. Petitions for declaratory orders or advisory opinions.
NAC 648.431. Notice of violation: Imposition of fine.
NAC 648.433. Notice of violation: Service and filing; payment of fine.
NAC 648.437. Citation: “Reasonable time for abatement of the violation” interpreted.
NAC 648.439. Citation: Service and filing; payment of fine.
NAC 648.440. Disciplinary hearings: Procedure.
NAC 648.450. Disciplinary hearings: Counsel.
NAC 648.460. Disciplinary hearings: Decision.
NAC 648.480. Eligibility.
NAC 648.485. Statement of scope of coverage.
NAC 648.490. Application for qualification; effective date of program.
NAC 648.495. Insolvency of licensee.
NAC 648.510. Branch managers.
NAC 648.520. Operation of corporation upon death or disability of or cessation of affiliation with corporation by qualified person.
NAC 648.525. Use of license number in advertisements and written communications regarding business.
NAC 648.530. Uniforms, badges and patches.
NAC 648.540. Business names.
NAC 648.545. Private investigators: Service of subpoena in conjunction with ongoing investigation.
NAC 648.570. Prohibited acts by person neither licensed nor exempted from licensure: Engaging as contractor in activities regulated by chapter 648 of NRS; submitting bid relating to such activities; bid submitted in violation of section void.