Chapter649 Collection Agencies  

NAC 649.010. Definitions.
NAC 649.013. “Collection agency” defined.
NAC 649.017. “Foreign collection agency” defined.
NAC 649.020. “Machine-derived form letters” defined.
NAC 649.030. “Primary collection agency” defined.
NAC 649.040. “Secondary collection agency” defined.
NAC 649.060. Fee for supervision and related activities: Amount; collection; failure to pay.
NAC 649.070. Assessment for costs related to audits and examinations.
NAC 649.076. Examination, investigation and audit of foreign collection agencies.
NAC 649.081. Preparation and submission of trust account statements and reports of financial standing.
NAC 649.086. Public inspection of written instruments filed with Division of Financial Institutions.
NAC 649.105. Exemption from requirement to obtain license.
NAC 649.111. Licensing of certain community managers required.
NAC 649.120. Collection agencies: Fees.
NAC 649.130. Branch offices: Filing and contents of application for permit to operate.
NAC 649.135. Branch offices: Arrangements required for maintenance of records and trust account.
NAC 649.140. Branch offices: Appointment of Commissioner of Financial Institutions as agent for service of process.
NAC 649.151. Managers: Fees.
NAC 649.160. Foreign collection agencies: Fees; reinstatement of expired or revoked certificate; transferability of certificate.
NAC 649.210. Responsibilities.
NAC 649.220. Restrictions on service for multiple agencies.
NAC 649.230. Notification of change of employment.
NAC 649.250. Prerequisites to conducting business.
NAC 649.260. Use of fictitious names.
NAC 649.270. Depositories used for maintenance of certain separate accounts.
NAC 649.280. Approval of machine-derived form letters.
NAC 649.310. Failure to file verified answer to complaint; confidentiality of complaint and certain related information.
NAC 649.320. Revocation or suspension of license: Violation of certain provisions of federal law.
NAC 649.330. Revocation or suspension of license or certificate: Violation of certain regulations or statutes; procedures.
NAC 649.340. Fine for failure to submit required report.