Chapter652 Medical Laboratories  

NAC 652.010. Definitions.
NAC 652.020. “Accredited” defined.
NAC 652.025. “Approved course” defined.
NAC 652.033. “Board” defined.
NAC 652.060. “Committee” defined.
NAC 652.065. “Director” defined.
NAC 652.071. “Division” defined.
NAC 652.075. “Laboratory” defined.
NAC 652.083. “Licensed laboratory” defined.
NAC 652.087. “National examination for certification” defined.
NAC 652.092. “Outpatient center of a laboratory” defined.
NAC 652.115. “Point-of-care test” defined.
NAC 652.125. “Point-of-care testing device” defined.
NAC 652.130. “Program for proficiency testing” defined.
NAC 652.133. “Quality control” defined.
NAC 652.135. “Registered laboratory” defined.
NAC 652.137. “Rural area” defined.
NAC 652.143. “Test” defined.
NAC 652.145. “Unapproved course” defined.
NAC 652.148. “Unit of continuing education” defined.
NAC 652.151. “Violation” defined.
NAC 652.155. Applicability; exemptions from compliance.
NAC 652.157. Applications: Must include alternate method of contact; exemptions; requirement to notify Division of change to information; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 652.161. Conditions under which notice deemed sufficient.
NAC 652.170. Laboratory: Application for license or registration; action by Division on application; performance of tests at temporary location; proof of identity of laboratory director to be provided with application.
NAC 652.175. Laboratory operated by licensed physician: Registration as exempt or nonexempt laboratory.
NAC 652.180. Laboratory operated by licensed physician: Issuance and renewal of certificate of registration.
NAC 652.200. Director’s license: Application.
NAC 652.210. Director’s license: Action on application.
NAC 652.220. Director’s license: Term.
NAC 652.230. Director’s license: Renewal.
NAC 652.240. Director’s license: Nontransferable; duplicates.
NAC 652.280. Duties of director: Health and safety; physical premises and environmental conditions.
NAC 652.282. Duties of director: Testing procedures and results.
NAC 652.284. Duties of director: Program for proficiency testing.
NAC 652.286. Duties of director: Personnel.
NAC 652.291. Laboratory safety guidelines: Adoption; required procedures; manufacturer’s guidelines; training and evaluation of employees; notification to employees upon adoption.
NAC 652.300. Request or authorization for test; report of findings; required contents of request.
NAC 652.310. Record of accessions of specimens: Maintenance; content.
NAC 652.320. Inspections: Duties and authority of Division; submission of plan for correction of violations.
NAC 652.325. Violations: Severity levels.
NAC 652.340. Reports by laboratory: Contents; terminology; retention of copies.
NAC 652.342. Point-of-care testing device: Limitations on use.
NAC 652.344. Point-of-care testing device: Requirements for use.
NAC 652.346. Point-of-care testing device: Persons qualified to use.
NAC 652.348. Applicability of NAC 652.342, 652.344 and 652.346.
NAC 652.350. Personnel: General requirements.
NAC 652.370. Director: Availability and presence; prohibition against serving more than five laboratories; exception.
NAC 652.380. Director of licensed laboratory: Qualifications.
NAC 652.383. Director of licensed laboratory testing in oral pathology: Qualifications.
NAC 652.385. Director of licensed laboratory testing for pulmonary conditions: Qualifications.
NAC 652.395. Director of registered laboratory: Qualifications.
NAC 652.400. General supervisor of licensed laboratory: Duties.
NAC 652.410. General supervisor of licensed laboratory: Qualifications.
NAC 652.420. Clinical laboratory technologist: Activities and qualifications.
NAC 652.425. Cytotechnologist: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.433. Histotechnologist: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.437. Histologic technician: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.440. Medical technician: Activities and qualifications.
NAC 652.443. Blood-gas technologist: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.447. Blood-gas technician: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.450. Laboratory assistant; blood-gas assistant.
NAC 652.452. Pathologist’s assistant: Qualifications and activities.
NAC 652.453. Pathologist’s assistant: Responsibilities of supervising pathologist.
NAC 652.454. Point-of-care test analyst: Qualifications.
NAC 652.455. Continuing education: Prerequisites to renewal of license or certificate.
NAC 652.461. Continuing education: Prerequisites to reinstatement of inactive or delinquent license or certificate.
NAC 652.465. Continuing education: Proof of completion.
NAC 652.470. Certification of personnel.
NAC 652.472. Minimal requirements for new employees.
NAC 652.474. Activities of certified personnel.
NAC 652.476. Renewal of certification.
NAC 652.478. Technologists: Specialties; activities.
NAC 652.480. Technologists: Certification in specialty for which national examination is given; application for certification; designation on certificate.
NAC 652.483. Technologists: Certification in specialty for which national examination is not given.
NAC 652.484. Technicians: Specialties; activities.
NAC 652.485. Technicians: Certification in specialty; designation on certificate.
NAC 652.4855. Laboratory assistants: Certification; qualifications.
NAC 652.486. Provisional certification.
NAC 652.488. Fees; assessed expenses.
NAC 652.491. Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of certificate.
NAC 652.493. Appeal of denial, suspension or revocation of license or certificate.
NAC 652.496. Action by Board upon receipt of report of certain violations of laws relating to industrial insurance by holder of license or certificate; consideration by Division of report.
NAC 652.520. Computation of time relating to violations and monetary penalties.
NAC 652.530. Disciplinary action: Circumstances under which authorized without notice; subsequent notice by Division required.
NAC 652.540. Disciplinary action: Notice by Division required; contents of notice.
NAC 652.550. Violations: Monetary penalties.
NAC 652.560. Reduction of monetary penalties.
NAC 652.570. Payment of monetary penalties: Time limitations; interest; costs.
NAC 652.580. Failure to pay monetary penalties: Grounds for suspension of license of laboratory; notice of intent to suspend license.
NAC 652.590. Activities of certain licensed professional nurses working at community health nursing clinics established by Division.
NAC 652.600. Program of training for certification as technician.