Chapter656 Certified Court Reporters  

NAC 656.010. Definitions.
NAC 656.015. “Advisory opinion” defined.
NAC 656.020. “Board” defined.
NAC 656.030. “Certificate” defined.
NAC 656.035. “Complainant” defined.
NAC 656.040. “Court reporter” defined.
NAC 656.045. “Designated representative of a court reporting firm” defined.
NAC 656.050. “Firm” defined.
NAC 656.055. “Litigation” defined.
NAC 656.060. “Practice of court reporting” defined.
NAC 656.065. “Proceeding” defined.
NAC 656.070. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 656.100. Application for certificate; cancellation by applicant.
NAC 656.110. Examination: Purpose.
NAC 656.120. Examination: Administration.
NAC 656.130. Examination: Written section.
NAC 656.140. Examination: Section on transcription.
NAC 656.150. Certification and notice of results of examination; action by successful applicant; review of examination; appeal.
NAC 656.160. Failure and retaking of examination; receipt of passing grade on either section of examination; submission of application for certificate.
NAC 656.170. Placement of certificate on inactive status; reactivation of certificate.
NAC 656.180. Voluntary surrender of certificate.
NAC 656.200. Fees for issuance or renewal of certificate.
NAC 656.205. Understanding and knowledge of applicable laws, regulations, and court and procedural rules.
NAC 656.210. Required hours; means to obtain certain credits; applicability of credit.
NAC 656.220. Form for report of compliance; verification by Board.
NAC 656.230. Notice of noncompliance; suspension or revocation of certificate or license for failure to file report of compliance; reinstatement of certificate or license.
NAC 656.240. Accreditation of program or course of study; determination of hours of credit; approval of course of study.
NAC 656.250. Application for and issuance of license; filing of amended application upon certain changes.
NAC 656.261. Examination of designated representative: Prerequisite to service; schedule for administration; fee.
NAC 656.265. Examination of designated representative: Content; procedure; notice of results; retaking.
NAC 656.270. Application of certain statutes and regulations.
NAC 656.280. Standards of practice.
Standards of Conduct
Miscellaneous Provisions
NAC 656.420. Informal complaint: Filing; action by Board and its staff; response; failure of respondent to cooperate or respond.
NAC 656.430. Informal complaint: Review and investigation; production and copying of records and other evidence.
NAC 656.440. Action following investigation of informal complaint; notice of hearing and formal complaint; answer by respondent; exchange of lists of witnesses and evidence; joining of complaints.
NAC 656.460. Hearings: Presentation of evidence; participation by interested members of Board.