Chapter671 Issuers of Instruments for Transmission or Payment of Money  

NAC 671.005. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 671.007. Requirements for issuance of license to business entity.
NAC 671.010. Fee for supervision and related activities: Amount; collection; failure to pay.
NAC 671.020. Fees: Application for license.
NAC 671.030. Fees: Renewal of license; reinstatement of expired license.
NAC 671.040. Fees: Application and license for agent of licensee.
NAC 671.050. Fee: Failure to submit required report.
NAC 671.060. Annual assessments to cover costs related to legal services and performance of audits and examinations; failure to pay assessments.
NAC 671.070. Prerequisites to engaging in business.
NAC 671.075. Maintenance of separate custodial or trust account and related records.
NAC 671.080. Revocation, suspension or refusal to renew license.
NAC 671.085. Administrative fines and orders to cease and desist.
NAC 671.090. Inspection of documents filed with Division.
NAC 671.095. Confidentiality of records.
NAC 671.100. Complaints: Failure to respond in timely manner; confidentiality.
NAC 671.110. Hearings: Authority of Commissioner or designee.
NAC 671.120. Hearings: Rules of procedure or evidence; records.
NAC 671.130. Hearings: Subpoena; fees for witnesses.
NAC 671.140. Hearings: Examination of witnesses.
NAC 671.150. Hearings: Failure of party to appear.