Chapter680B Insurance: Fees and Taxes  

NAC 680B.005. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 680B.010. Submission of form for assessing fees; time for action by Commissioner.
NAC 680B.020. Forms for a new policy.
NAC 680B.030. Submitting several types of forms; form for waiver or other amendment.
NAC 680B.040. Filing of rates.
NAC 680B.050. Filing to conform to new law.
NAC 680B.070. Submission in response to request by Commissioner.
NAC 680B.090. Resubmission of disapproved form; fees not refundable; credit for overpayment.
NAC 680B.095. Fees: Payment by electronic transfer.
NAC 680B.150. Definitions.
NAC 680B.160. “Ad valorem credit” defined.
NAC 680B.170. “Executive Director” defined.
NAC 680B.180. “Fifty percent credit” defined.
NAC 680B.190. “Net direct premiums and net direct considerations written during the preceding calendar quarter” defined.
NAC 680B.200. Illustration of proper application of NRS 680B.032.
NAC 680B.210. Application of fifty percent credit and ad valorem credit against tax imposed for privilege of transacting business in this State.
NAC 680B.220. Application of fifty percent credit if home office or regional home office in Nevada.
NAC 680B.230. Application of ad valorem credit if home office or regional home office in Nevada.
NAC 680B.240. Failure to satisfy requirements for credits for maintaining home office; payment of deficiency and interest.
NAC 680B.250. Credit against tax imposed in succeeding calendar year.