Chapter681A Kinds of Insurance; Reinsurance  

NAC 681A.005. Definitions.
NAC 681A.006. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 681A.007. “Division” defined.
NAC 681A.008. “Liabilities” defined.
NAC 681A.050. Classes of licenses for intermediaries.
NAC 681A.060. Application for license to act as intermediary.
NAC 681A.070. Intermediary license: Period of validity; renewal.
NAC 681A.080. Manager for reinsurance: Filing of bond; cancellation of bond; suspension of license if replacement bond not filed.
NAC 681A.090. Manager for reinsurance: Maintenance of policy of insurance.
NAC 681A.100. Manager for reinsurance: Satisfaction of requirements by nonresident intermediary.
NAC 681A.110. Agent or broker acting as intermediary.
NAC 681A.150. Applicability.
NAC 681A.160. Prohibited acts regarding financial statement required of insurer.
NAC 681A.170. Taking of reserve credit and establishment of assets with approval of Commissioner.
NAC 681A.180. Filing of agreement regarding reinsurance of business; financial statement; increase in surplus net of federal income taxes.
NAC 681A.190. Reduction of liability or establishment of asset in financial statement: Requirements of letter of intent, reinsurance agreement or amendment.
NAC 681A.250. Definitions.
NAC 681A.260. “Beneficiary” defined.
NAC 681A.265. “Financial statement” defined.
NAC 681A.270. “Grantor” defined.
NAC 681A.280. “Obligation” defined.
NAC 681A.290. Requirements of trust agreement for reduction from liability; insolvency of grantor of trust.
NAC 681A.300. Authorized acts that may be included in trust agreement.
NAC 681A.310. Establishment of trust agreement in conjunction with reinsurance agreement: Acceptable use of trust account by ceding insurer under certain circumstances; contents of reinsurance agreement.
NAC 681A.320. Reinsurance agreement entered into in conjunction with trust agreement and establishment of trust account: Acceptable conditions.
NAC 681A.325. Reinsurance agreement entered into in conjunction with trust agreement and establishment of trust account: Stipulation of value and types of assets deposited in trust account.
NAC 681A.330. Use of trust agreement for reduction of liability for reinsurance.
NAC 681A.335. Exhaustion of specific security required before presentation of claim for payment from trust account.
NAC 681A.340. Requirements of letter of credit.
NAC 681A.350. Acceptable provisions of reinsurance agreement.
NAC 681A.360. Letter of credit obtained in conjunction with reinsurance agreement: Requirement that parties enter into trust agreement under certain circumstances.
NAC 681A.370. Authority of ceding insurer to take credit for unencumbered assets.
NAC 681A.375. Requirements for ceding insurer to be granted credit or allowed asset or reduction from liability: Provisions of reinsurance agreement.
NAC 681A.380. Applicability of requirements before and after June 28, 1996.