Chapter686B Rates and Essential Insurance  

NAC 686B.005. Definitions.
NAC 686B.100. Electronic filing of rates, rules and forms and payment of fees.
NAC 686B.300. Definitions.
NAC 686B.308. “Annual statement” defined.
NAC 686B.314. “Fast track reports” defined.
NAC 686B.318. “Insurance expense exhibit” defined.
NAC 686B.324. “NAIC” defined.
NAC 686B.331. “Participating insurer” defined.
NAC 686B.336. “Statistical agent” defined.
NAC 686B.338. “Statistical plan” defined.
NAC 686B.345. Agreements for compilation and analysis of data; duties of statistical agents.
NAC 686B.351. Financial reports: General requirements.
NAC 686B.361. Statistical reports: Submission of information to statistical agents.
NAC 686B.365. Statistical reports: Submission of annual data.
NAC 686B.371. Statistical reports: Submission of data for fast track reports.
NAC 686B.380. Statistical reports: Submission of fast track reports to Commissioner.
NAC 686B.385. Reporting thresholds.
NAC 686B.390. Permission for late submission of reports or data.
NAC 686B.395. Penalties for failure to file information.
NAC 686B.400. Definitions.
NAC 686B.405. “Advisory prospective loss costs” defined.
NAC 686B.409. “Expenses” defined.
NAC 686B.415. “Prospective loss costs” defined.
NAC 686B.420. “Rate” defined.
NAC 686B.425. “Supplementary rate information” defined.
NAC 686B.430. “Supporting information” defined.
NAC 686B.435. Applicability of provisions.
NAC 686B.440. Reference filings containing advisory prospective loss costs; requirements for filing of rates; adjustments to prospective loss costs.
NAC 686B.445. Requirements for filings that refer to reference filings of prospective loss costs.
NAC 686B.450. Filing of supplementary rate information.
NAC 686B.455. Requirements for filing of final rate pages and submission of rates.
NAC 686B.460. Refiling of previously approved rates and loss costs; use of previously filed rates, loss costs and deviations.
NAC 686B.500. Filing and forwarding of supporting data regarding rates.
NAC 686B.501. Requirements for filing for increase or decrease in rates: Professional liability insurance for certain practitioners.
NAC 686B.502. Requirements for filing for increase or decrease in rates: Supplemental personal liability insurance.
NAC 686B.503. Requirements for filing for increase or decrease in rates: Homeowners’ insurance or property insurance for dwellings.
NAC 686B.504. Policy fees.
NAC 686B.505. Required filings.
NAC 686B.510. Insurance rating: Deviations and modifications.
NAC 686B.520. Approval of rate different from filed rate.
NAC 686B.525. Notice of material change in premium based upon change in zip code of policyholders.
NAC 686B.530. Exemption of insurance for aviation from certain statutory provisions concerning rates.
NAC 686B.550. Examination of rate service organizations.
NAC 686B.610. Individual risk premium modification plans.
NAC 686B.700. Definitions.
NAC 686B.705. Applicability of provisions.
NAC 686B.710. Procedure for filing of rates or forms; acceptance of nonconforming filing prohibited.
NAC 686B.715. Supporting data required with filing of rates; exempt filings.
NAC 686B.720. Requirements for filing of profitability reports.
NAC 686B.725. Hearings to review filings: Issuance and notice of order for hearing; scheduling; procedural requirements.
NAC 686B.730. Hearings to review filings: Hearing officer; date; continuance.
NAC 686B.735. Hearings to review filings: Intervention; questions and testimony; burden of proof; exhibits; copies of transcripts and other items.
NAC 686B.740. Hearings to review filings: Filing of pleadings.
NAC 686B.745. Hearings to review filings: Proof of service.
NAC 686B.750. Hearings to review filings: Prehearing conference.
NAC 686B.755. Hearings to review filings: Official notice.
NAC 686B.760. Hearings to review filings: Order of hearing officer.
NAC 686B.765. Hearings to review filings: Review of disapproval by hearing officer.
General Provisions
Nevada Workers’ Compensation Insurance Plan
Miscellaneous Provisions