Chapter687B Contracts of Insurance  

NAC 687B.0002. Definitions.
NAC 687B.0005. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 687B.001. “Division” defined.
NAC 687B.004. Procedures for filing certain forms and paying certain fees.
NAC 687B.005. Definitions.
NAC 687B.010. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 687B.012. “Basis for continuation of coverage” defined.
NAC 687B.013. “Basis for conversion of coverage” defined.
NAC 687B.015. “Certificate” defined.
NAC 687B.019. “Converted policy” defined.
NAC 687B.021. “Exceptional increase” defined.
NAC 687B.025. “Group long-term care insurance” defined.
NAC 687B.030. “Long-term care insurance” defined.
NAC 687B.0303. “Long-term care insurance contract” defined.
NAC 687B.0306. “Partnership certificate” defined.
NAC 687B.0309. “Partnership policy” defined.
NAC 687B.033. “Qualified actuary” defined.
NAC 687B.0332. “Qualified long-term care insurance contract” or “federally tax-qualified long-term care insurance contract” defined.
NAC 687B.0335. “Qualified state long-term care insurance partnership contract” or “partnership contract” defined.
NAC 687B.034. “Similar long-term care insurance contract forms” defined.
NAC 687B.0342. “Similar organization” defined.
NAC 687B.035. Scope.
NAC 687B.040. Compliance required.
NAC 687B.045. Modification or suspension of provisions.
NAC 687B.050. Organizational requirements.
NAC 687B.051. Licensing and training requirements.
NAC 687B.052. Required reports.
NAC 687B.053. Compensation to producers for sale, renewal or replacement of contract or certificate.
NAC 687B.054. Producer not authorized to sell, solicit or negotiate except as authorized by certain statutes.
NAC 687B.055. Contracts issued in other states.
NAC 687B.056. Standards of suitability: Development; use.
NAC 687B.0565. Standards of suitability: Procedure when applicant does not meet standards or declines to provide information.
NAC 687B.057. Standards of suitability: Annual report to Commissioner.
NAC 687B.0575. Standards of suitability: Insurer to provide form regarding long-term care insurance.
NAC 687B.058. Partnership program notice.
NAC 687B.0585. Required disclosures regarding rate revisions.
NAC 687B.059. Insurer to submit disclosures regarding rate revisions and actuarial certification to Commissioner for approval.
NAC 687B.060. Right to return individual contracts or certificates; notice of right.
NAC 687B.0655. Requirements for long-term care insurance sold in conjunction with another insurance product.
NAC 687B.066. Provision for reinstatement in event of lapse of coverage.
NAC 687B.067. Applications: Questions; required statements; required information for applicants 80 years of age or older.
NAC 687B.068. Right to copy of application or enrollment form.
NAC 687B.0681. Designation of person to receive notice of lapse or termination of coverage.
NAC 687B.0682. Verification of enrollment in group policy; satisfaction of any requirement for signature of insured.
NAC 687B.0683. Delivery of contract or certificate.
NAC 687B.0684. Delivery of policy summary or contract summary.
NAC 687B.0685. Offer of nonforfeiture benefit required.
NAC 687B.0686. Requirements for nonforfeiture benefits; contingent benefit upon lapse.
NAC 687B.0687. Applicability of provisions regarding nonforfeiture benefits and contingent benefit upon lapse.
NAC 687B.0689. Rescission or denial of claim upon showing of misrepresentation material to acceptance for coverage; field issuance of contract or certificate.
NAC 687B.069. Record of rescissions.
NAC 687B.070. Certificate of insurance: Contents.
NAC 687B.075. Outline of coverage: Format; delivery; contents.
NAC 687B.076. Offer to purchase protection from inflation required.
NAC 687B.077. Requirements for marketing.
NAC 687B.0775. Approval of advertisement by Commissioner.
NAC 687B.078. Restriction on use of certain terms in marketing.
NAC 687B.079. Prohibition of certain marketing practices.
NAC 687B.080. Definition of terms in contracts.
NAC 687B.081. Notification of availability of new series of contracts.
NAC 687B.082. Notification regarding partnership status.
NAC 687B.0825. Activities of daily living and cognitive impairment to be used to measure needs of insured and to be described in contract or certificate; benefit triggers.
NAC 687B.083. Contract or certificate to condition payment of benefits on insured’s ability to perform daily activities and cognitive impairment.
NAC 687B.084. Requirements relating to qualified long-term care insurance contract.
NAC 687B.0845. Required statement as to whether contract intended to be qualified long-term care insurance contract under federal provisions.
NAC 687B.085. Terms for renewal of contracts.
NAC 687B.090. Exclusions from and limitations on coverage.
NAC 687B.095. Extension of benefits; continuation or conversion of coverage.
NAC 687B.100. Required disclosures.
NAC 687B.105. Prohibited provisions.
NAC 687B.106. Required provisions for reducing coverage and lowering premium; notice.
NAC 687B.1065. Insurer to file for approval any increase in a premium rate schedule for certain contracts.
NAC 687B.107. Insurer to request approval of any increase in premium rate schedule for contracts and certificates issued on or after October 1, 2011.
NAC 687B.1075. Exceptional increases.
NAC 687B.108. Prohibited increases in premiums.
NAC 687B.111. Coverage for preexisting conditions.
NAC 687B.112. Monthly report to certain insureds.
NAC 687B.113. Delivery of shopper’s guide to long-term care insurance.
NAC 687B.114. Responsibilities of professional, trade or occupational association which endorses or sells contracts or certificates to members.
NAC 687B.115. Filing and certification requirements for insurer issuing contract or certificate to professional, trade or occupational association.
NAC 687B.116. Limitations on conditioning of benefits.
NAC 687B.117. Restrictions on limitation or exclusion of benefits.
NAC 687B.118. Statement of limitations or conditions upon receipt of benefits.
NAC 687B.1185. Requirements for denied claims.
NAC 687B.119. Required reserves for policy, rider or endorsement.
NAC 687B.121. Evaluation of expected loss ratio.
NAC 687B.122. General requirements for converted policy.
NAC 687B.125. Replacement of contract: Questions on applications.
NAC 687B.127. Replacement of contract or certificate: Waiver of time applicable to preexisting conditions and probationary period; notice to existing insurer.
NAC 687B.130. Replacement of contract: Notice from insurer not using direct-response solicitation.
NAC 687B.135. Replacement of policy: Notice from insurer using direct-response solicitation.
NAC 687B.140. Replacement of contract: Restrictions concerning group policies for long-term care.
General Provisions
Standardized Benefit Plans
Medicare Select Policies and Certificates
NAC 687B.405. Delivery of certificates to policyholder of group insurance.
NAC 687B.415. Delivery of other policies, memoranda or certificates of insurance.
NAC 687B.520. Refunds to third parties.
NAC 687B.530. Notice to agent.
NAC 687B.550. Definitions.
NAC 687B.552. “Client company” defined.
NAC 687B.554. “Employee leasing company” defined.
NAC 687B.556. “Health maintenance organization” defined.
NAC 687B.558. “Insurer” defined.
NAC 687B.560. “Producer of insurance” defined.
NAC 687B.562. Disclosure of names and addresses of client companies; confidentiality.
NAC 687B.564. Notice of cancellation or failure to renew policy or contract.
NAC 687B.610. Vendor single interest policies: Marking.
NAC 687B.620. Multiple line packages.
NAC 687B.630. Health policy, contract or plan that includes grace period for payment of premiums.
NAC 687B.640. Medical examination required by insurer; standard set of criteria to be applied consistently to each insured.
NAC 687B.700. Notice of duplication for policy which provides reimbursement upon both expense-incurred and fixed-indemnity basis.
NAC 687B.706. Notice of duplication for certain policies which provide reimbursement in fixed dollar amounts per day.
NAC 687B.711. Notice of duplication for policy which provides reimbursement in fixed dollar amounts for specified diseases or other specified impairments.
NAC 687B.716. Notice of duplication for policy which provides reimbursement for expenses incurred for accidental injury only.
NAC 687B.720. Notice of duplication for policy which provides reimbursement for expenses incurred for specified diseases and other specified impairments.
NAC 687B.725. Notice of duplication for policy which provides reimbursement for expenses incurred for specified limited services.
NAC 687B.730. Notice of duplication for policy not described in NAC 687B.700 to 687B.725, inclusive.
NAC 687B.735. Payment of benefits that are covered under other policies.
NAC 687B.800. Policy sold by short-term lessor of motor vehicle: Deemed primary coverage; filing requirements.
NAC 687B.850. Chargeable accidents: Restrictions on authority of insurer; filing and use of definition.