Chapter689C Health Insurance for Small Employers  

NAC 689C.100. “Existing coverage” interpreted.
NAC 689C.105. Uniformity of benefits required.
NAC 689C.110. Adoption of waiting period for new employees not prohibited.
NAC 689C.113. Carrier prohibited from requesting or considering certain information.
NAC 689C.117. Carrier prohibited from requiring purchase of other insurance as prerequisite to purchase or renewal of group health plan.
NAC 689C.120. Compliance required.
NAC 689C.130. Notice of cancellation, nonrenewal or renewal with altered terms.
NAC 689C.140. Minimum care and services required.
NAC 689C.150. Notification of conversion privilege; coverage of eligible dependent.
NAC 689C.155. Evidence of creditable coverage.
NAC 689C.160. Annual report.
NAC 689C.170. Contents of disclosure form.
NAC 689C.172. Disclosures in advertising and sales materials; inclusion of certain information in health benefit plan.
NAC 689C.175. Request for copy of disclosure.
NAC 689C.180. Filing of forms required by NRS 687B.120.
NAC 689C.190. Coverage under different plan constituting passage of fixed period.
NAC 689C.195. Restrictions on rules of eligibility and on contribution rates.
NAC 689C.200. Development of rate manual; calculation of rates.
NAC 689C.202. Limitation on frequency of increases in premium rates; exceptions.
NAC 689C.205. Disclosure of variance in premium rate.
NAC 689C.210. Marketing in established geographic area.
NAC 689C.220. Requirement upon denial of coverage.
NAC 689C.230. Determination of reduction in liability of carrier because of benefits under other group coverage.
NAC 689C.250. Policies for stop-loss insurance.
NAC 689C.260. Prior notification of desire to change status as risk-assuming or reinsuring carrier.
NAC 689C.265. Application for change of status as risk-assuming or reinsuring carrier: Filing; action by Commissioner; confidentiality.
NAC 689C.300. Application for registration; submission of proposed material changes to business plan.
NAC 689C.310. Grounds for denial of application or suspension, revocation or refusal to renew certificate.
NAC 689C.320. Annual renewal fee.
NAC 689C.330. Disclosure by carrier.
NAC 689C.340. Accessibility of coverage: Prohibited activity; enrollment of all eligible employees and dependents.
NAC 689C.350. Annual report.
NAC 689C.360. General powers.
NAC 689C.370. Prohibited acts.
NAC 689C.380. Provisions of contract with participating carrier: Payment of premiums.
NAC 689C.390. Provisions of contract with participating small employer: Group as policyholder of record; issuance of certificates of coverage; coverage through group required.
NAC 689C.400. Establishment of standards and guidelines for insurers.
NAC 689C.410. Establishment of marketing standards and approval of marketing materials.
NAC 689C.420. Board of directors and management personnel: Duties.
NAC 689C.430. Board members and management personnel: Prohibited acts.
NAC 689C.440. Report of suspected violation.
NAC 689C.450. Insolvency of voluntary purchasing group: Jurisdiction of Commissioner.