Chapter690A Credit Insurance  

NAC 690A.002. Definitions.
NAC 690A.005. “Actuarially consistent” defined.
NAC 690A.010. “Full-time” defined.
NAC 690A.012. “Indebtedness” defined.
NAC 690A.014. “Outstanding balance basis” defined.
NAC 690A.016. “Prima facie rate” defined.
NAC 690A.018. “Single premium basis” defined.
NAC 690A.020. Disclosures to debtors: Requirement; filing of form for approval.
NAC 690A.025. Disclosures to debtors: Approved form.
NAC 690A.030. Disclosures to debtors: Notice concerning benefits payable under truncated consumer credit insurance coverage; application of adjustment factors to rates.
NAC 690A.040. Credit unemployment insurance: Benefits; eligibility for coverage.
NAC 690A.050. Credit life insurance: Written standards for processing claims; records substantiating compliance.
NAC 690A.055. Credit life insurance: Written certification.
NAC 690A.060. Processing of certain claims: Search for and action on additional policies issued by insurer on life of decedent; applicability.
NAC 690A.070. Rights and treatment of debtors: Termination of group policy; refinancing of debt; prepayment of debt.
NAC 690A.080. Refund of unearned premium; fulfillment of contract.
NAC 690A.090. Calculation of refunds.
NAC 690A.105. Credit life insurance: Calculation and use of prima facie rates; use of different rates.
NAC 690A.107. Credit life insurance: Limitation on benefits if indebtedness is repayable in substantially equal installments.
NAC 690A.115. Credit life insurance: Use of different rate for coverage of preexisting condition.
NAC 690A.125. Credit accident and health insurance: Calculation and use of prima facie rates; outstanding balance rate; conversion to closed-end credit rate; use of different rates.
NAC 690A.135. Credit accident and health insurance: Applicability of prima facie rates.
NAC 690A.145. Credit accident and health insurance: Rates for policy that excludes coverage for preexisting condition.
NAC 690A.155. Credit unemployment insurance: Rates; eligibility for benefits; age restrictions.
NAC 690A.165. Use of rates that differ from prima facie rates; documentation required; maximum rate after change of insurer.
NAC 690A.170. Limitation on term of application of different rate to closed-end loan.
NAC 690A.175. Annual reports of experience data; review of prima facie rates by Commissioner.
NAC 690A.185. Audits of payments for claims and reviews of accounts for creditors.