Chapter694C Captive Insurers  

NAC 694C.010. Definitions.
NAC 694C.020. “Accountant,” “certified public accountant” and “independent certified public accountant” defined.
NAC 694C.030. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 694C.080. “Work papers” defined.
NAC 694C.090. Adoption of certain publications by reference.
NAC 694C.092. Periodic review of publications adopted by reference.
NAC 694C.100. Qualifying investigation or examination of applicant.
NAC 694C.110. Authority of Commissioner to establish review panel for applications.
NAC 694C.200. Annual report of financial condition.
NAC 694C.210. Annual audit.
NAC 694C.220. Independent certified public accountant: Report of retention by insurer; acknowledgment of applicable requirements.
NAC 694C.222. Criteria for recognition as qualified independent certified public accountant by Commissioner.
NAC 694C.224. Hearing to determine whether independent certified public accountant is qualified; determination that accountant is not qualified.
NAC 694C.226. Reporting of determination that insurer misstated its financial condition or does not meet minimum requirements for capital and surplus; procedure upon discovery of additional facts.
NAC 694C.228. Reporting of significant deficiency in insurer’s structure for internal control.
NAC 694C.230. Availability and maintenance of work papers of independent certified public accountant.
NAC 694C.235. Procedure upon dismissal or resignation of independent certified public accountant.
NAC 694C.240. Security deposit or letter of credit.
NAC 694C.245. Requirements for material service provider contract.
NAC 694C.250. Reinsurance and excess insurance.
NAC 694C.260. Notification of certain changes in operations or organizational structure.
NAC 694C.270. Prior approval required for change in nature of business; filing of certain changes in application information with Commissioner.
NAC 694C.280. Officers and directors.
NAC 694C.290. Conflict of interest: Statement; disclosure.
NAC 694C.295. Reasonable and proper expenses incurred in examination conducted pursuant to NRS 694C.410.
NAC 694C.300. Acting as manager, broker or agent without authorization of Commissioner prohibited.
NAC 694C.310. Acquisition of control of or merger with captive insurer.