Chapter703 Public Utilities Commission of Nevada  

NAC 703.010. Definitions.
NAC 703.015. “Application” defined.
NAC 703.016. “Basic network service” defined.
NAC 703.0165. “Business line service” defined.
NAC 703.017. “Business office” defined.
NAC 703.018. “Chair” defined.
NAC 703.019. “Commenter” defined.
NAC 703.020. “Commission” defined.
NAC 703.025. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 703.030. “Commission’s staff” defined.
NAC 703.033. “Competitive supplier” defined.
NAC 703.035. “Complaint” defined.
NAC 703.037. “Consumer’s Advocate” defined.
NAC 703.040. “Division of Consumer Complaint Resolution” defined.
NAC 703.044. “Electronic filing system” defined.
NAC 703.046. “Electronic Filing User’s Guide” defined.
NAC 703.050. “Hearing” defined.
NAC 703.051. “Hearing officer” defined.
NAC 703.052. “Incumbent local exchange carrier” defined.
NAC 703.053. “Intervener” defined.
NAC 703.055. “Motion” defined.
NAC 703.061. “Nonsystem document” defined.
NAC 703.070. “Party of record” and “party” defined.
NAC 703.075. “Person” defined.
NAC 703.080. “Petition” defined.
NAC 703.085. “Pleading” defined.
NAC 703.090. “Presiding officer” defined.
NAC 703.095. “Public utility” and “utility” defined.
NAC 703.097. “Rebuttal evidence” defined.
NAC 703.098. “Records management system” defined.
NAC 703.099. “Regulatory Operations Staff” defined.
NAC 703.100. “Secretary” defined.
NAC 703.1003. “Small-scale provider of last resort” defined.
NAC 703.1007. “System document” defined.
NAC 703.101. “Telecommunication” defined.
NAC 703.1015. “Telecommunication provider” and “telephone company” defined.
NAC 703.102. “Telecommunication service” and “telephone service” defined.
NAC 703.105. Scope; applicability of Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure.
NAC 703.110. Construction.
NAC 703.112. Severability.
NAC 703.115. Deviation from regulations.
NAC 703.120. Computation and extension of time.
NAC 703.125. Fees and remittances.
NAC 703.130. Public records.
NAC 703.132. Submission of documents: Format.
NAC 703.134. System documents.
NAC 703.136. Nonsystem documents.
NAC 703.138. Maintenance of documents in records management system.
NAC 703.140. Rejection of documents; effect of acceptance.
NAC 703.145. Receipt of documents by Commission.
NAC 703.155. General duties of Secretary.
NAC 703.158. Service lists.
NAC 703.160. Public notice of certain filings or proceedings.
NAC 703.162. Inclusion of certain information in application, tariff, complaint or petition.
NAC 703.163. Informal discovery meetings concerning applications for certain adjustments.
NAC 703.164. Consumer sessions.
Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity: Public Utilities
Changes in Rates of Public Utilities Other Than Telecommunication Providers
Changes in Rates of Telecommunication Providers: General Provisions
Changes in Rates of Telecommunication Providers: Competitive Suppliers That Are Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers
Changes in Rates of Telecommunication Providers: Small-Scale Providers of Last Resort That Are Not Competitive Suppliers
Changes in Boundaries of Service Area: Competitive Suppliers That Are Providers of Last Resort
Applications for Approval of New or Revised Depreciation Rates
Statements of Expected Changes in Circumstances
Negotiation, Arbitration and Approval of Interconnection Agreements for Telecommunication Services
Tariffs: Public Utilities
Construction of Utility Facilities
Railroad Crossings
Subdivision of Land
General Provisions
Hearing Officers
Parties and Commenters
Confidentiality of Information
Petitions for Leave to Intervene
Service of Documents
Declaratory Orders and Advisory Opinions
NAC 703.910. Gas operators: Accident reporting requirements.