Chapter704B Providers of New Electric Resources  

NAC 704B.010. Definitions.
NAC 704B.020. “Ancillary services” defined.
NAC 704B.024. “Application” defined.
NAC 704B.028. “Bureau of Consumer Protection” defined.
NAC 704B.034. “Capacity” defined.
NAC 704B.040. “Commission” defined.
NAC 704B.044. “Date of commencement” defined.
NAC 704B.050. “Electric utility” defined.
NAC 704B.060. “Electric utility that primarily serves densely populated counties” defined.
NAC 704B.080. “Eligible customer” defined.
NAC 704B.090. “Energy” defined.
NAC 704B.094. “Existing eligible customer” defined.
NAC 704B.098. “FERC” defined.
NAC 704B.100. “Impact fee” defined.
NAC 704B.104. “Letter of intent” defined.
NAC 704B.110. “New electric resource” defined.
NAC 704B.116. “OATT” defined.
NAC 704B.130. “Provider of new electric resources” and “provider” defined.
NAC 704B.136. “Regulatory Operations Staff” defined.
NAC 704B.138. “Ten-percent contract” and “10-percent contract” defined.
NAC 704B.140. “Time-of-use meter” defined.
NAC 704B.145. “Underlying contract” defined.
NAC 704B.170. Effect of chapter on certain existing contracts.
NAC 704B.175. Deviation from provisions of chapter.
NAC 704B.300. Criteria for determining whether end-use customer has average annual load of 1 megawatt or more; each service location of certain entities treated as separate end-use customer.
NAC 704B.310. Application for approval of proposed transaction: General requirements; single application by multiple eligible customers; parties to proceedings.
NAC 704B.320. Letter of intent to file application: General requirements; contents; limitations on use of certain information by electric utility.
NAC 704B.330. Letter of intent to file application: Meetings and discussions; duty to provide and update certain data and information.
NAC 704B.340. Contents of application; protective orders; confidentiality.
NAC 704B.350. Analysis of proposed underlying contract; meetings and discussions; duty to provide and update certain data and information; methodology used by Regulatory Operations Staff.
NAC 704B.360. Additional analysis of 10-percent contract; meetings and discussions; determination of best interest by Commission; consequences of determination.
NAC 704B.370. Duty to file and serve certain agreements; limited review and use of certain underlying contracts; confidentiality; terms, conditions and compliance items; petition to reopen consideration of application; limitations on actions of Commission after approval of application.
NAC 704B.380. Proposed transaction between eligible customer and provider which relies exclusively on new electric resources currently in operation.
NAC 704B.385. Proposed transaction between eligible customer and provider which relies on new electric resources that will be constructed after application granted by Commission.
NAC 704B.400. Payment by eligible customer of load-share portion of unrecovered balance in deferred accounts of electric utility; refund of excessive amount.
NAC 704B.405. Approval of certain proposed transactions to purchase energy, capacity or ancillary services from alternative provider.
NAC 704B.410. Criteria for determining whether proposed transaction will be contrary to public interest.
NAC 704B.500. Compliance with applicable requirements.