Chapter720 Digital Signatures

NAC 720.010. Definitions.
NAC 720.015. “Accept a certificate” defined.
NAC 720.020. “Certification practice statement” defined.
NAC 720.025. “Certify” defined.
NAC 720.030. “Confirm” defined.
NAC 720.035. “Disclosure record” defined.
NAC 720.040. “Electronic” defined.
NAC 720.045. “Electronic message” defined.
NAC 720.050. “Foreign license” defined.
NAC 720.055. “Hearing officer” defined.
NAC 720.060. “Incorporate by reference” defined.
NAC 720.065. “Issue a certificate” defined.
NAC 720.070. “License” defined.
NAC 720.075. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 720.080. “Notify” defined.
NAC 720.085. “Official public business” defined.
NAC 720.090. “Operative personnel” defined.
NAC 720.095. “Person” defined.
NAC 720.100. “Public agency” defined.
NAC 720.105. “Publish” defined.
NAC 720.110. “Recipient” defined.
NAC 720.115. “Recognized certification authority” defined.
NAC 720.120. “Recognized repository” defined.
NAC 720.125. “Recommended limit of reliance” defined.
NAC 720.130. “Repository” defined.
NAC 720.135. “Revoke a certificate” defined.
NAC 720.140. “Rightfully hold a private key” defined.
NAC 720.145. “State repository” defined.
NAC 720.150. “Suitable insurance” defined.
NAC 720.155. “Suspend a certificate” defined.
NAC 720.160. “Time stamp” defined.
NAC 720.165. “Transactional certificate” defined.
NAC 720.170. “Trustworthy system” defined.
NAC 720.175. “Valid certificate” defined.
NAC 720.180. Purposes of chapter.
NAC 720.185. Construction.
NAC 720.190. Variation of certain provisions by agreement; remedies not exclusive.
NAC 720.195. Severability of provisions.
NAC 720.200. Adoption by reference of standards.
NAC 720.205. Confidentiality of information.
NAC 720.250. Qualifications for license; period of validity of license.
NAC 720.260. Issuance of license to governmental entity.
NAC 720.270. Prerequisites to issuance and renewal of license.
NAC 720.280. Application for license.
NAC 720.290. Insurance: Minimum requirements; proof.
NAC 720.300. Trustworthy system: Minimum requirements.
NAC 720.310. Trustworthy system: Use.
NAC 720.320. Compliance audit: Performance; report to Secretary of State.
NAC 720.330. Compliance audit: Qualifications of auditor.
NAC 720.340. Qualifications of operative personnel.
NAC 720.350. Persons convicted of certain crimes not to act as operative personnel.
NAC 720.360. Certification practice statement: Filing and publication; contents.
NAC 720.370. Disclosure records: Publication and updating by Secretary of State.
NAC 720.380. Imposition of restrictions on operation of licensee.
NAC 720.390. Creation and retention of records by licensee.
NAC 720.400. Duties of licensee discontinuing services as certification authority.
NAC 720.410. Filing of judgments against licensees; scope of liability of recognized certification authority.
NAC 720.420. Recognition of foreign license.
NAC 720.430. Licensing fees.
NAC 720.450. Prerequisites to issuance of certificate to subscriber.
NAC 720.460. Confirmation of identity of prospective subscriber.
NAC 720.470. Contents of certificate.
NAC 720.480. Warranties, promises and certifications by Secretary of State.
NAC 720.490. Warranties, promises and certifications by other certification authorities.
NAC 720.500. Certification of authority of person requesting certificate.
NAC 720.510. Certifications by subscriber.
NAC 720.520. Indemnification of certification authority for certain losses or damages.
NAC 720.530. Private key: Promises and property right of subscriber.
NAC 720.540. Publication of certificate by Secretary of State or licensee.
NAC 720.550. Revocation of certificate not issued in accordance with requirements; suspension to conduct investigation; notification of subscriber.
NAC 720.560. Order by Secretary of State to revoke or suspend certificate; notification; compliance with order.
NAC 720.570. Suspension upon request by appropriate person.
NAC 720.580. Termination of requested suspension.
NAC 720.590. Revocation of certificate by certification authority upon receipt of request or certain information.
NAC 720.600. Notice of suspension or revocation.
NAC 720.610. Discharge of certification authority or subscriber from responsibility for certain transactions.
NAC 720.650. Designation.
NAC 720.660. Application for designation.
NAC 720.670. Operation.
NAC 720.680. Revocation of designation; notice to licensee.
NAC 720.690. Cessation of operation.
NAC 720.700. State repository.
NAC 720.710. Liability of licensee.
NAC 720.750. General provisions.
NAC 720.760. Public agency: Acceptance and use of digital signature; confidentiality of private key.
NAC 720.770. Acceptance of digital signature as acknowledgment; liability of certification authority.
NAC 720.780. Reasonable reliance on digital signature or certificate.
NAC 720.790. Good faith of certification authority, subscriber and recipient of digital signature.
NAC 720.800. Activities of certification authority that create unreasonable risk prohibited; advisory statement from Secretary of State.
NAC 720.810. Investigation of applicant; payment of costs of investigation.
NAC 720.820. Examination and copying of records of licensee.
NAC 720.830. Investigatory authority of Secretary of State.
NAC 720.840. Payment of costs of investigation of licensee.
NAC 720.850. Issuance of orders for enforcement.
NAC 720.900. Applicability of chapter 233B of NRS; request for administrative hearing.
NAC 720.910. Persons permitted to appear in representative capacity.
NAC 720.920. Rebuttable presumptions.
NAC 720.930. Filing of documents in electronic form; service by electronic transmission.
NAC 720.940. Summary proceeding.
NAC 720.950. Emergency administrative proceeding.