Chapter432A Services and Facilities for Care of Children  

NAC 432A.010. Definitions.
NAC 432A.012. “Accommodation facility” defined.
NAC 432A.020. “Caregiver” defined.
NAC 432A.040. “Child” defined.
NAC 432A.050. “Child care center” defined.
NAC 432A.060. “Child care facility” defined.
NAC 432A.070. “Child care institution” defined.
NAC 432A.075. “Child with special needs” defined.
NAC 432A.078. “Department” defined.
NAC 432A.079. “Developmentally appropriate care and education” defined.
NAC 432A.080. “Director” defined.
NAC 432A.081. “Division” defined.
NAC 432A.083. “Early care and education program” defined.
NAC 432A.085. “Educational child care institution” defined.
NAC 432A.087. “Extended care accommodation facility” defined.
NAC 432A.090. “Facility” defined.
NAC 432A.095. “Facility for special events” defined.
NAC 432A.100. “Family home” defined.
NAC 432A.110. “Group home” defined.
NAC 432A.130. “Institution” defined.
NAC 432A.140. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 432A.143. “Nevada Registry” defined.
NAC 432A.145. “Nursery for infants and toddlers” defined.
NAC 432A.147. “Outdoor youth program” defined.
NAC 432A.150. “Parent” defined.
NAC 432A.162. “Provider” defined.
NAC 432A.163. “Residential child care institution” defined.
NAC 432A.164. “Shelter child care institution” defined.
NAC 432A.165. “Special needs facility” defined.
NAC 432A.170. General duties of Division.
NAC 432A.180. Regulation of local licensing agencies by Division.
NAC 432A.190. Inspections; investigations.
NAC 432A.200. License to operate facility: Application; investigation; issuance; return.
NAC 432A.210. License to operate facility: Contents; display; limitations.
NAC 432A.220. License to operate facility: Renewal; late fee.
NAC 432A.225. License to operate facility: Transfer to inactive status.
NAC 432A.230. License to operate facility: Disciplinary action.
NAC 432A.233. Group homes for which license as nursery for infants and toddlers not required.
NAC 432A.235. Waiver of Board’s regulations.
General Requirements
Additional Requirements for Certain Types of Facilities
Immunization Against Disease
Staffing Requirements; Number of Children
Facilities That Provide Care for Ill Children
Outdoor Youth Programs



      Chapter 261, Statutes of Nevada 2011, abolished the Board for Child Care and transferred its duties to the State Board of Health. This bill also: (1) abolished the Bureau of Services for Child Care and transferred its duties to the Health Division (now the Division of Public and Behavioral Health) of the Department of Health and Human Resources; and (2) transferred the duties of the Chief of the Bureau to the Administrator of the Health Division.