Chapter692A Title Insurance  

NAC 692A.010. Definitions.
NAC 692A.020. Actions not considered as soliciting applications or negotiating contracts.
NAC 692A.030. Licenses: Application.
NAC 692A.040. Licenses: Qualifications.
NAC 692A.050. Licenses: Firm or corporation licensed only as title agent.
NAC 692A.055. Licensing of title agents: Required experience; proof of experience.
NAC 692A.060. Licensing of escrow officers: Proof of experience.
NAC 692A.070. Display of license.
NAC 692A.080. Appointment of title agents.
NAC 692A.090. Appointment of title agent or employment of escrow officer: Filing of required documents; effect of filing and failure to file.
NAC 692A.100. Termination of appointment of title agent or employment of escrow officer.
NAC 692A.110. Annual certification of certain title agents, escrow officers and employees.
NAC 692A.115. Certification required before allowing title agent or escrow officer to perform certain acts.
NAC 692A.120. Supervision and examination: Interpretation of term.
NAC 692A.130. Supervision and examination: Imposition of fees and charges.
NAC 692A.140. Supervision and examination: Billing and payment of fees and charges.
NAC 692A.150. Supervision and examination: Failure to pay fees and charges.
NAC 692A.160. Grounds for disciplinary action: Failure to maintain adequate supervision of escrow officer or title agent.
NAC 692A.170. Reporting of certain violations to Commissioner of Mortgage Lending.
NAC 692A.180. Maintenance of records.