Chapter522 Oil and Gas  

NAC 522.010. Definitions.
NAC 522.018. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 522.020. “Atmospheric pressure” defined.
NAC 522.025. “Barometric pressure” defined.
NAC 522.030. “Barrel” defined.
NAC 522.035. “Blowout” defined.
NAC 522.040. “Blowout preventer” defined.
NAC 522.045. “Bottom hole pressure” defined.
NAC 522.050. “Casing pressure” defined.
NAC 522.055. “Casinghead gas” defined.
NAC 522.060. “Condensate” defined.
NAC 522.065. “Cubic foot of gas” defined.
NAC 522.070. “Day” defined.
NAC 522.075. “Developed area,” “developed unit” defined.
NAC 522.078. “Division” defined.
NAC 522.080. “Drilling fluid” defined.
NAC 522.085. “Exploratory well” defined.
NAC 522.090. “Gas to oil ratio” defined.
NAC 522.095. “Gas repressuring” defined.
NAC 522.100. “Gas well” defined.
NAC 522.105. “Mud-laden fluid” defined.
NAC 522.110. “Multiple completion” defined.
NAC 522.115. “Oil well” defined.
NAC 522.120. “Operator” defined.
NAC 522.125. “Potential” defined.
NAC 522.130. “Pressure maintenance” defined.
NAC 522.135. “Proven oil or gas land” defined.
NAC 522.140. “Seismic hole” defined.
NAC 522.145. “Separator” defined.
NAC 522.150. “Shut-in pressure” defined.
NAC 522.155. “Standard conditions” defined.
NAC 522.160. “Storage” defined.
NAC 522.165. “Survey” defined.
NAC 522.170. “Well log” defined.
NAC 522.175. Applicability of chapter.
NAC 522.185. Protection of fresh water.
NAC 522.190. Arrangements relating to conservation of oil and gas.
NAC 522.195. Tentative approval of oral or telegraphed request.
NAC 522.210. Application for permit to drill.
NAC 522.212. Fee for permit to drill.
NAC 522.215. Cuttings: Requirements for permit; availability and use; notification of shortage.
NAC 522.220. Time limit of permit.
NAC 522.225. Transfer of permit.
NAC 522.230. Bonds and deposits.
NAC 522.235. Location of wells.
NAC 522.240. Exceptions to location of wells and well spacing orders.
NAC 522.245. Change of location of well.
NAC 522.250. Identification of wells.
NAC 522.255. Collecting pits.
NAC 522.260. Strata sealed off from other strata.
NAC 522.265. Wells drilled with rotary tools.
NAC 522.270. Wells drilled with cable tools.
NAC 522.275. Directional drilling.
NAC 522.280. Reentry.
NAC 522.300. Classification of wells and pools.
NAC 522.305. Ratio of gas to oil.
NAC 522.310. Equipment for measurement.
NAC 522.315. Multiple completion of wells.
NAC 522.320. Production from different strata through same casing.
NAC 522.325. Production from several wells to common facilities.
NAC 522.330. Periodic tests required to commingle production.
NAC 522.335. Initial testing of gas wells.
NAC 522.340. Gas produced or sold must be metered.
NAC 522.342. Administrative fee.
NAC 522.343. Reduced administrative fee for new production.
NAC 522.345. Utilization of gas.
NAC 522.350. Open reservoirs.
NAC 522.355. Removal of rubbish and debris.
NAC 522.360. Dikes and fire walls.
NAC 522.365. Report of fire, lightning strike, break or leak, or overflow.
NAC 522.380. Procedure for underground disposal of water.
NAC 522.400. Permit for secondary recovery operations required.
NAC 522.405. Notification of injection operations.
NAC 522.410. Casing for injection wells.
NAC 522.415. Records and reports.
NAC 522.430. Temporary abandonment of well.
NAC 522.435. Notice of intention to abandon.
NAC 522.440. Responsibility for plugging.
NAC 522.445. Method of plugging.
NAC 522.450. Water wells.
NAC 522.455. Restoration of surface and removal of debris.
NAC 522.460. Marker for abandoned well.
NAC 522.465. Record of plugging.
NAC 522.480. Books and records.
NAC 522.485. Forms required by chapter.
NAC 522.490. Form 1: Organization report.
NAC 522.495. Form 2: Application for permit to drill, deepen or plug back oil and gas wells.
NAC 522.500. Forms 3 and 3a: Drilling bond.
NAC 522.505. Form 4: Sundry notices and reports on wells.
NAC 522.510. Form 5: Well completion report.
NAC 522.515. Form 7: Producer’s monthly report.
NAC 522.520. Form 7A: Report of subsurface injections.
NAC 522.525. Form 8A: Notice of change of owner.
NAC 522.530. Form 10: Water well completion release.
NAC 522.540. Confidentiality of well records.
NAC 522.600. Application for hearing; petition for rehearing.
NAC 522.605. Docket number.
NAC 522.610. Notice of hearing.
NAC 522.615. Depositions.
NAC 522.620. Conduct of hearings.
NAC 522.625. Record of proceedings.