Chapter640D Music Therapists  

NAC 640D.010. “Executive Officer” defined.
NAC 640D.020. Licensing of persons who practice music therapy required.
NAC 640D.030. Validity of notice sent to licensee or applicant.
NAC 640D.050. Applications.
NAC 640D.060. Fees.
NAC 640D.070. Required actions of licensee or applicant if background investigation cannot be completed.
NAC 640D.080. Challenge of accuracy of information provided by Central Repository for Nevada Records of Criminal History.
NAC 640D.090. Actions of Executive Officer upon determining that licensee or applicant has been convicted of certain crimes.
NAC 640D.100. Reapplication for license upon expiration.
NAC 640D.200. Complaints regarding unlicensed practice.
NAC 640D.210. Complaints against licensee or applicant; investigation.
NAC 640D.220. Suspension and revocation of licenses; administrative fines.
NAC 640D.230. Licensee to pay costs of disciplinary action.
NAC 640D.240. Terms of suspension of license; authority of Executive Officer to terminate or extend suspension, modify terms of suspension or revoke license; licensee to pay costs of complying with terms of suspension.
NAC 640D.250. Contents of order of revocation of license; reinstatement of license following revocation.
NAC 640D.260. Appeal of decision relating to disciplinary action.
NAC 640D.300. Establishment; membership; meetings; authorized activities; duties.