Chapter701A Energy-Related Tax Incentives  

NAC 701A.010. Definitions.
NAC 701A.020. “Applicable LEED standard” defined.
NAC 701A.030. “Building or other structure” defined.
NAC 701A.040. “Construction contract” defined.
NAC 701A.050. “Director” defined.
NAC 701A.060. “Funding” defined.
NAC 701A.063. “GG-CIEB” defined.
NAC 701A.065. “GG-NC” defined.
NAC 701A.067. “Green Globes standard” defined.
NAC 701A.070. “LEED” defined.
NAC 701A.080. “LEED accredited professional” defined.
NAC 701A.090. “LEED-CS” defined.
NAC 701A.100. “LEED-EB” defined.
NAC 701A.110. “LEED Green Building Rating System” defined.
NAC 701A.120. “LEED-NC” defined.
NAC 701A.130. “LEED standard” defined.
NAC 701A.140. “Local government approval” defined.
NAC 701A.150. “Partial tax abatement” defined.
NAC 701A.160. “Pre-2007 applicant” defined.
NAC 701A.170. “Pre-2007 Green Building Rating System” defined.
NAC 701A.180. “Preconstruction contract” defined.
NAC 701A.190. “Significant change in the scope of the project” defined.
NAC 701A.200. LEED Green Building Rating System: Adoption of certain portions by reference; review and effect of new or updated standards.
NAC 701A.210. LEED Green Building Rating System: Exclusions and modifications; use of independent third-party commissioning firm by applicant for partial tax abatement.
NAC 701A.213. Green Globes standards: Adoption by reference; review and effect of new or updated standards.
NAC 701A.215. Green Globes standards: Exclusions and modifications; use of third-party assessor by applicant for partial tax abatement.
NAC 701A.217. Equivalencies between LEED Green Building Rating System and Green Globes standards.
NAC 701A.220. Application for partial tax abatement; notification by Director.
NAC 701A.225. Fee for review and approval of application.
NAC 701A.230. Amendment of application after significant change in scope of project.
NAC 701A.240. Submission of required proof or application for extension; issuance and contents of certificate of eligibility or certificate of ineligibility; effective date of abatement.
NAC 701A.250. Required proof that building meets requirements of applicable standard; additional required documentation.
NAC 701A.260. Submission of information regarding receipt of another abatement or exemption; designation and duties of tax abatement coordinator for building; suspension of certificate of eligibility; issuance of certificate of termination or reduction of eligibility.
NAC 701A.270. Building included in construction project registered with Office of Energy before June 15, 2007: Submission and processing of application for partial tax abatement; provisions applicable to pre-2007 applicant.
NAC 701A.280. Duration of partial tax abatement based upon number of points awarded for energy conservation by U.S. Green Building Council or Green Building Initiative.
NAC 701A.290. Waiver of requirements by Director.
NAC 701A.300. Definitions.
NAC 701A.303. “Abatement” defined.
NAC 701A.307. “Abatement percentage” defined.
NAC 701A.310. “Department” defined.
NAC 701A.320. “Eligible building or other structure” defined.
NAC 701A.350. “Net taxable value” defined.
NAC 701A.360. Duties of county tax receiver regarding property that includes eligible building or other structure.
NAC 701A.370. Reports by county tax receiver.
NAC 701A.500. Definitions.
NAC 701A.505. “Abatement agreement” defined.
NAC 701A.510. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 701A.515. “Application” defined.
NAC 701A.520. “Facility” defined.
NAC 701A.525. “Generating capacity” defined.
NAC 701A.530. “Owner” defined.
NAC 701A.535. “Partial abatement of taxes” defined.
NAC 701A.540. “Project” defined.
NAC 701A.545. “Significant change” defined.
NAC 701A.550. “Wages” defined.
NAC 701A.555. Submission of application.
NAC 701A.560. Procedure upon receipt of application; provision of copies to local governments; amended application following substantive change.
NAC 701A.565. Confidentiality of application and related information.
NAC 701A.570. Fiscal note not to include information determined to be confidential.
NAC 701A.575. Approval of application by board of county commissioners; processing of application.
NAC 701A.580. Hearing on application; execution of abatement agreement upon determination of eligibility.
NAC 701A.585. Parties to hearing; notice of intent to participate.
NAC 701A.590. Criteria for determining eligibility for priority of application.
NAC 701A.595. Final decision on eligibility; abatement to be prospective only.
NAC 701A.600. Reapplication after denial of application.
NAC 701A.605. Qualification of tangible property for partial abatement of sales and use taxes.
NAC 701A.610. Qualification of real and personal property for partial abatement of property taxes.
NAC 701A.615. Duties of applicant: Maintenance of certain records; payment of taxes abated resulting from noncompliance of applicant or other person working on project or facility.
NAC 701A.620. Annual compliance report; notice of compliance to certain governmental entities.
NAC 701A.625. Determination of ineligibility or noncompliance: Required notices; hearing; on-site inspection; audit.
NAC 701A.630. Payment of taxes abated during period of noncompliance of project or facility with abatement agreement.
NAC 701A.635. Attestation to documents by owner.
NAC 701A.640. Sale, assignment or transfer of interest in project or facility.
NAC 701A.645. Director to establish fee; administration of Renewable Energy Account; disbursement of money.
NAC 701A.650. Fees: Amounts; payment by applicant; review of amounts by Director; deposit and use.
NAC 701A.655. Petition for adoption, filing, amendment or repeal of regulation: Filing; contents; action by Director.
NAC 701A.660. Petition for declaratory order or advisory opinion: Filing; contents; action by Director.