Chapter532 State Engineer  

NAC 532.010. Definitions.
NAC 532.020. “Alternative penalty” defined.
NAC 532.030. “Division” defined.
NAC 532.040. “Economic benefit” defined.
NAC 532.050. “Enforcement action” defined.
NAC 532.060. “Enforcement cost” defined.
NAC 532.070. “Finding of alleged violation” defined.
NAC 532.080. “Hearing to show cause” defined.
NAC 532.090. “Independent advisory committee” defined.
NAC 532.100. “Penalty” defined.
NAC 532.110. “Person” defined.
NAC 532.120. “Requirement” defined.
NAC 532.130. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 532.140. “State Engineer” defined.
NAC 532.150. “Violation” defined.
NAC 532.160. “Violation order” defined.
NAC 532.180. Computation of time; extension of time; date on which information that is hand-delivered or mailed is deemed filed; electronic transmission of information not accepted without prior written approval.
NAC 532.200. Violations: Issuance of warning letter; commencement of enforcement action; injunctive relief.
NAC 532.210. Additional penalties: Administrative fines; enforcement costs and cost of compliance inspections; calculation.
NAC 532.220. Additional penalties: Order to replace water.
NAC 532.230. Hearings to show cause: Appearance of parties; procedure.
NAC 532.240. Hearings to show cause: Conduct of persons; maintenance of order.
NAC 532.250. Hearing before independent advisory committee: Request; extension of time; notice; final decision.
NAC 532.260. Proposal of alternative penalties by respondent.
NAC 532.270. Appeals.