Chapter571 Diseased Animals  

NAC 571.002. Definitions.
NAC 571.0025. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 571.0029. “Approved laboratory” defined.
NAC 571.0033. “Breeding animal” defined.
NAC 571.004. “Department” defined.
NAC 571.007. “Director” defined.
NAC 571.008. “Entry permit” defined.
NAC 571.0082. “Exposed animal” defined.
NAC 571.0084. “Exposed flock” defined.
NAC 571.0086. “Flock” defined.
NAC 571.009. “Genetically less susceptible exposed sheep” defined.
NAC 571.0092. “Genetically resistant exposed sheep” defined.
NAC 571.0094. “Genetically susceptible exposed animal” defined.
NAC 571.010. “Health certificate” defined.
NAC 571.0104. “High-risk animal” defined.
NAC 571.0108. “Inconsistent state” defined.
NAC 571.011. “Infected flock” defined.
NAC 571.012. “Livestock” defined.
NAC 571.0124. “Low-risk commercial flock” defined.
NAC 571.0126. “Low-risk commercial goat” defined.
NAC 571.0128. “Low-risk commercial sheep” defined.
NAC 571.013. “Low-risk exposed animal” defined.
NAC 571.0135. “Noncompliant flock” defined.
NAC 571.014. “Official” defined.
NAC 571.0145. “Official scrapie identification” defined.
NAC 571.016. “Registered” defined.
NAC 571.0164. “Scrapie” defined.
NAC 571.0166. “Scrapie-positive animal” defined.
NAC 571.017. “Slaughter channels” defined.
NAC 571.0174. “Source flock” defined.
NAC 571.0178. “Suspect animal” defined.
NAC 571.018. “Swine” defined.
NAC 571.0185. “Test-positive animal” defined.
NAC 571.019. “Uniform Methods and Rules” defined.
NAC 571.020. Address for mailing copies of documents.
NAC 571.025. Performance or confirmation of required tests by official laboratory.
NAC 571.030. Horses, mules and asses.
NAC 571.035. Sheep.
NAC 571.040. Cattle and bison.
NAC 571.045. Permit to move cattle or bison.
NAC 571.050. Swine.
NAC 571.060. Goats.
NAC 571.065. Game, fur-bearing and wild animals.
NAC 571.070. Poultry and birds.
NAC 571.075. Foxes, skunks and raccoons.
NAC 571.080. Dogs and cats.
NAC 571.085. Other species.
NAC 571.090. Shipment of livestock through State; notice of delay in shipment.
NAC 571.095. Transportation of livestock: Stops for inspection; possession of health certificates; sanitation.
NAC 571.100. Livestock for use in rodeo.
NAC 571.105. Livestock for sale, show, fairs or other public exhibition.
NAC 571.110. Animals under quarantine.
NAC 571.150. Definitions.
NAC 571.160. Permit to operate facility for treatment of food waste.
NAC 571.170. Cooking requirements.
NAC 571.180. Inspections; sanitary requirements.
NAC 571.190. Disciplinary action.
NAC 571.200. Disposal of carcasses of diseased livestock.
NAC 571.210. Feeding of flesh or offal of unwholesome animal to animals or fowl.
NAC 571.300. Permit or license required for production of certain media used for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease.
NAC 571.310. Restricted vaccines and other products.
NAC 571.330. Restricted diagnostic agents.
NAC 571.340. Definitions.
NAC 571.342. “Adjacent herd” defined.
NAC 571.347. “Herd” defined.
NAC 571.351. “Originating herd” defined.
NAC 571.352. “Receiving herd” defined.
NAC 571.355. Vaccination of female cattle or bison before change of ownership.
NAC 571.360. Exemption from requirement for vaccination.
NAC 571.365. Procedure for observing and testing livestock after discovery of exposure to brucellosis.
NAC 571.370. Procedure for identification and disposal of livestock infected with brucellosis.
NAC 571.380. Definitions.
NAC 571.390. Official tests and procedures.
NAC 571.400. Quarantines.
NAC 571.410. Branding.
NAC 571.450. Veterinarians: Reporting results of test for pseudorabies; providing identification of herd of origin.
NAC 571.455. Isolation or slaughter of swine that does not react negatively to test for pseudorabies.
NAC 571.460. Isolation and identification of swine that reacts positively to test for pseudorabies.
NAC 571.465. Quarantine of herd: Imposition; period of effect.
NAC 571.470. Quarantine of herd: Development of plan for herd.
NAC 571.475. Use of pseudorabies vaccine.
NAC 571.480. Random testing of breeding swine; restriction on feed.
NAC 571.485. Testing of certain breeding swine upon change of ownership.
NAC 571.490. Swine offered for sale at livestock market.
NAC 571.495. Swine shown in exhibition, show or fair.
NAC 571.500. Exemption from testing for pseudorabies.
NAC 571.505. Swine submitted to slaughter plant.
NAC 571.510. Records of licensed swine dealer.
NAC 571.515. Disposal of carcass of swine.
NAC 571.550. Exhibition or transfer of ownership of goat or sheep; removal of goat or sheep from slaughter channels.
NAC 571.555. Death or destruction of certain goats or sheep.
NAC 571.600. Definitions.
NAC 571.602. “Accredited veterinarian” defined.
NAC 571.604. “Exposed to female cattle” defined.
NAC 571.606. “Herd” defined.
NAC 571.607. “Hold order” defined.
NAC 571.608. “Negative test result” defined.
NAC 571.610. “Neighboring herd” defined.
NAC 571.612. “Official laboratory” defined.
NAC 571.614. “Official protocol” defined.
NAC 571.616. “Official tag” defined.
NAC 571.618. “Official test for trichomonosis” defined.
NAC 571.620. “Positive test result” defined.
NAC 571.622. “Qualified feedlot” defined.
NAC 571.624. “Slaughter channel” defined.
NAC 571.626. “Slaughter facility” defined.
NAC 571.628. “Specimen” defined.
NAC 571.630. “Stockyard” defined.
NAC 571.632. “Test chart” defined.
NAC 571.633. “Test eligible bull” defined.
NAC 571.634. “Total confinement operation” defined.
NAC 571.636. “Trichomonosis” defined.
NAC 571.638. “Veterinary technician” defined.
NAC 571.640. Registration of accredited veterinarian or veterinary technician to perform official tests for trichomonosis.
NAC 571.642. Prerequisites to movement of test eligible bull into State; exemption from requirements.
NAC 571.644. Testing of commuter bull that is test eligible bull; application for commuter permit.
NAC 571.646. Testing of test eligible bull before sale or lease for reproductive purposes.
NAC 571.648. Written declaration required before sale of test eligible bull at stockyard; exceptions.
NAC 571.650. Testing of estray or stray test eligible bull.
NAC 571.652. Official tags: Use; designation of color.
NAC 571.654. Procedure upon receipt of positive test result to official test for trichomonosis.
NAC 571.656. Infected herd: Release from hold order; lease or transfer of ownership; release to slaughter channel.
NAC 571.658. Exposed herd: Classification; placement under and release from hold order; lease and transfer of ownership; release to slaughter channel.
NAC 571.660. Duties of owner of herd or qualified feedlot regarding bull receiving positive test result to official test for trichomonosis.
NAC 571.662. Additional testing after bull receives positive test result to official test for trichomonosis.
NAC 571.664. Handling of specimen collected from bull.
NAC 571.666. Official laboratory: Duties of operator; annual inspection.
NAC 571.668. Penalties.