Chapter610 Apprenticeships  

NAC 610.010. Definitions.
NAC 610.013. “Agreement for apprenticeship” defined.
NAC 610.014. “Apprentice” defined.
NAC 610.020. “Council” defined.
NAC 610.030. “Director” defined.
NAC 610.035. “Joint committee” defined.
NAC 610.040. “Person” defined.
NAC 610.110. General powers and policies.
NAC 610.115. Meetings; minutes.
NAC 610.145. Functions of Director; Council’s powers, objectives respecting programs of apprenticeship.
NAC 610.225. Formation; jurisdiction; composition.
NAC 610.230. Consultants.
NAC 610.240. Multiple trades.
NAC 610.245. Grants of credit.
NAC 610.250. Modification of term of apprenticeship.
NAC 610.310. Standards: Submission of proposed standards to Council for approval or rejection; periodic review of standards of registered program.
NAC 610.314. Standards: Submission in entirety by registered program for review or revision by Council.
NAC 610.320. Approval of programs of apprenticeship: Application forms.
NAC 610.350. Approval of programs of apprenticeship: Comity registration.
NAC 610.355. Approval of programs of apprenticeship: Review of proposed program by registered sponsor.
NAC 610.357. Approval of programs of apprenticeship: Period of probation; review of program by staff of Labor Commissioner.
NAC 610.360. Denial of application for approval of program or imposition of sanctions against approved program.
NAC 610.365. Cancellation of approved program or occupation within approved program.
NAC 610.430. Agreements for apprenticeships: Forms; approval of alterations, amendments.
NAC 610.433. Costs of training.
NAC 610.436. Guarantees required from sponsors of programs of apprenticeship.
NAC 610.438. Ratio of apprentices to journeymen.
NAC 610.442. Limitation on period of probation of registered apprentice.
NAC 610.450. Registration of apprentice transferring to Nevada.
NAC 610.460. Dismissal of apprentice; reconsideration of dismissal; appeal from final decision.
NAC 610.461. Appeal from dismissal of apprentice: Scheduling and notice of hearing; provision of information to Council; receipt of affidavits and depositions; issues limited; failure to appear; decision.
NAC 610.462. Appeal from dismissal of apprentice: Order of evidence.
NAC 610.463. Appeal from dismissal of apprentice: Continuances; referral of matter to Nevada Equal Rights Commission.
NAC 610.464. Appeal from dismissal of apprentice: Limitation upon voting on decision.
NAC 610.465. Certificates of completion.
NAC 610.480. Beginning apprentice wages; wages for total period of apprenticeship.
NAC 610.485. Minimum reasonable and profitable wage for apprentice in construction industry.
NAC 610.490. Adjustments to minimum reasonable and profitable wage for apprentice in construction industry on certain projects.
NAC 610.495. Staff of Labor Commissioner: Review of programs of apprenticeship; accounting of benefits.
General Provisions
Goals and Timetables
Selection of Apprentices