Chapter645F Mortgage Lending and Related Professions  

NAC 645F.005. Definitions.
NAC 645F.010. “Approved course” defined.
NAC 645F.015. “Associated licensee” defined.
NAC 645F.020. “Change of control” defined.
NAC 645F.025. “Covered service provider” defined.
NAC 645F.030. “Hour of instruction” defined.
NAC 645F.035. “Independent licensee” defined.
NAC 645F.040. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 645F.045. “Loan modification” defined.
NAC 645F.050. “Provider” defined.
NAC 645F.055. “Relative” defined.
NAC 645F.060. “Residence” defined.
NAC 645F.080. “Contacting a creditor on behalf of a homeowner” interpreted.
NAC 645F.100. Designation of Division, employee or other person by Commissioner to perform duties of Commissioner.
NAC 645F.105. Persons subject to licensure for purposes of subsection 1 of NRS 645F.380.
NAC 645F.110. Applicability of chapter to civil action or violation of law.
General Provisions
Independent and Associated Licensees
General Provisions
Examinations, Audits and Investigations
Records and Reports
NAC 645F.500. Requirements for initial licensure.
NAC 645F.505. Requirements for continuing education.
NAC 645F.510. Course material for initial licensure and continuing education: Approved subjects.
NAC 645F.515. Approval of provider: Application; appeal of denial of approval.
NAC 645F.520. Approval of provider: Notice of material change in information provided in application for approval; qualification for and denial of renewal of approval.
NAC 645F.525. Approval of individual courses; appeal of denial of approval; restricted attendance; policy of provider concerning cancellations and refunds.
NAC 645F.530. Annual approval and content of courses; unacceptable courses.
NAC 645F.535. Prerequisites to approval of computer-based distance education course.
NAC 645F.540. Renewal of approval of approved courses; review and audit of approved courses and instructors by Commissioner.
NAC 645F.545. Withdrawal of approval of approved courses.
NAC 645F.550. Approved providers: Maintenance and availability of certain records; provision of evidence of licensure to Commissioner.
NAC 645F.555. Approved providers: Misrepresentation in advertising prohibited.
NAC 645F.560. Providers of approved courses: Employment of instructors; miscellaneous duties and restrictions.
NAC 645F.565. Instructors: Requirements for and restrictions on approval; periodic review and evaluation; credit for continuing education.
NAC 645F.570. Instructors: Denial or withdrawal of approval; appeal.
NAC 645F.575. Instructors: Duties.
NAC 645F.580. Evaluation of approved courses and instructors by students; provision of certificates of completion.
NAC 645F.585. Certificates of completion of approved courses: Prerequisites for receipt; review of denial.
NAC 645F.590. Credit for approved course of continuing education: Prerequisites for receipt.
NAC 645F.600. Advertising: Requirements; restrictions.
NAC 645F.605. Surety bonds: Duty of independent licensee to deposit bond with Commissioner; persons to be named as principals on bond; form and amount of bond.
NAC 645F.610. Surety bonds: Independent licensee may deposit substitute form of security in lieu of bond; amount deposited must equal amount of bond; interest or dividends accrue to depositor.
NAC 645F.615. Surety bonds: Cancellation of bond.
NAC 645F.620. Surety bonds: Action on bond.
NAC 645F.625. Surety bonds: Miscellaneous provisions.
NAC 645F.630. Contract to provide covered services: Required contents.
NAC 645F.635. Contract to provide covered services: Rescission of contract by homeowner; notification of rescission.
NAC 645F.640. Contract to provide covered services: Cancellation of contract by homeowner; notification of cancellation.
NAC 645F.645. Contract to provide covered services: Translation into language other than English.
NAC 645F.650. Contract to provide covered services: Disclosure of certain business and professional relationships required.
NAC 645F.655. Contract to provide covered services: Waiver of provisions and limitation of liability of licensee prohibited; mandatory arbitration voidable by homeowner.
NAC 645F.660. Prohibition against guarantee or warranty.
NAC 645F.665. Prohibited acts by licensee.
NAC 645F.670. Fiduciary obligation of licensee.
NAC 645F.675. Foreclosure purchases: Written contract required.
NAC 645F.680. Foreclosure purchases: Terms to be included in contract.
NAC 645F.685. Foreclosure purchases: Translation of contract into language other than English.
NAC 645F.690. Foreclosure purchases: Cancellation of contract; notification of cancellation; restriction on signing of deed.
NAC 645F.695. Foreclosure purchases: Waiver of provisions and limitation of liability of licensee prohibited; mandatory arbitration voidable by homeowner.
NAC 645F.700. Foreclosure purchases: Prohibited acts.
NAC 645F.800. Unlawful to conduct business of covered service provider, foreclosure consultant or loan modification consultant without being licensed or exempt from licensing.
NAC 645F.805. Complaint alleging violation.
NAC 645F.810. Investigation of alleged violation by Commissioner; determination.
NAC 645F.815. Investigation of unprofessional conduct by Commissioner.
NAC 645F.820. Duties of Commissioner when unsafe condition or practice is suspected; seizure of property and assets of licensee; duties of Attorney General.
NAC 645F.825. Persons entitled to correct unsafe conditions and practices; effect of failure to correct; receivership and liquidation of assets.
NAC 645F.830. Confidentiality of complaint and related materials.
NAC 645F.835. Authorized disciplinary action; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 645F.840. Authorized disciplinary action against independent licensees; hearing.
NAC 645F.845. Authority of Commissioner to order summary suspension of license and take other action to protect public before hearing.
NAC 645F.850. Orders to cease and desist from certain activities.
NAC 645F.855. Notice of and hearing on certain orders of Commissioner; entry of final order; appeal of final order taking disciplinary action.
NAC 645F.860. Hearings: Coordination and notice of time and location.
NAC 645F.865. Hearings: Continuances.
NAC 645F.870. Hearings: Representation of respondent.
NAC 645F.875. Hearings: Disclosure of exhibits and list of witnesses; limitations on discovery.
NAC 645F.880. Hearings: Motions.
NAC 645F.885. Hearings: Procedure.
NAC 645F.890. Hearings: Effect of failure to appear.
NAC 645F.895. Hearings: Burden and standard of proof.
NAC 645F.900. Hearings: Rules of evidence; informality of proceedings.
NAC 645F.905. Hearings: Decision of hearing officer.
NAC 645F.910. Posthearing motions.
NAC 645F.915. Informal disposition of contested cases; consent and settlement agreements.
NAC 645F.920. Immunity from civil liability.