Chapter645E Mortgage Bankers  

NAC 645E.010. Definitions.
NAC 645E.015. “Affiliated business” defined.
NAC 645E.025. “Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry” and “Registry” defined.
NAC 645E.030. “Qualified employee” defined.
NAC 645E.035. “S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act” defined.
NAC 645E.045. “Insolvent” interpreted.
NAC 645E.080. Application for certificate of exemption for purpose of fulfilling requirements of S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act.
NAC 645E.090. Provision of certain information to Commissioner by regulating entity or agency.
NAC 645E.100. Unexpired certificate of exemption.
NAC 645E.200. Qualifications of applicant: Required experience.
NAC 645E.203. Qualifications of applicant: Compliance with federal and state law; licensure through Registry.
NAC 645E.207. Qualifications of applicant: Requirements for licensure pursuant to NRS 645E.200.
NAC 645E.210. Documentation required with application for license; conditional approval; effect of failure to respond to written request for information.
NAC 645E.220. Branch office: Prerequisites and name for issuance of license; display of license; responsibilities of mortgage banker; conditional approval; effect of failure to respond to written request for information.
NAC 645E.223. Requirements for reinstatement of license.
NAC 645E.225. Sharing office space with another business.
NAC 645E.235. Change of electronic mail address.
NAC 645E.240. Use of fictitious name.
NAC 645E.250. Use of same name, confusingly similar name or name not approved by Division.
NAC 645E.260. Activity constituting verifiable business; submission of evidence of activity.
NAC 645E.270. Activity not constituting services as mortgage banker.
NAC 645E.280. Circumstances under which person is or is not considered to be making loan secured by lien on real property using his or her own money.
NAC 645E.285. Representation of activity as licensed; restrictions on advertising.
NAC 645E.290. Disclosures to borrowers by certain persons acting in dual capacity.
NAC 645E.295. Insider loans: Limitations and conditions.
General Provisions
Examinations, Audits and Investigations
Records and Reports
NAC 645E.400. Preparation of appraisal submitted to lender.
NAC 645E.500. Referral of certain suspected violations to and cooperation and sharing of information with federal and state agencies for investigation and action of certain suspected violations; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 645E.505. Reporting of violations to Registry; procedure for challenging report.
NAC 645E.510. Orders to cease and desist from certain activities.
NAC 645E.515. Coordination and notice of time and location.
NAC 645E.520. Continuances.
NAC 645E.525. Representation of respondent.
NAC 645E.530. Disclosure of exhibits and list of witnesses; limitations on discovery.
NAC 645E.535. Motions.
NAC 645E.540. Procedure.
NAC 645E.545. Burden and standard of proof.
NAC 645E.550. Rules of evidence; informality of proceedings.
NAC 645E.555. Decision of hearing officer.
NAC 645E.560. Posthearing motions.
NAC 645E.565. Informal disposition of contested cases; consent and settlement agreements.
NAC 645E.570. Immunity from civil liability.