Chapter681B Insurance: Assets and Liabilities  

NAC 681B.100. Definitions.
NAC 681B.105. “Actuarial Standards Board” defined.
NAC 681B.110. “Annual statement” defined.
NAC 681B.115. “Appointed actuary” defined.
NAC 681B.120. “Asset adequacy analysis” defined.
NAC 681B.125. “Commissioner” defined.
NAC 681B.130. “Division” defined.
NAC 681B.135. “Fraternal benefit society” defined.
NAC 681B.140. “Insurer” defined.
NAC 681B.150. “Opinion of a qualified actuary” defined.
NAC 681B.155. “Qualified actuary” defined.
NAC 681B.160. Applicability.
NAC 681B.161. Adoption by reference of model regulation for valuation of life insurance policies.
NAC 681B.162. Adoption by reference of annuity tables to determine minimum standard of valuation for individual annuity or pure endowment contract.
NAC 681B.164. Adoption by reference of annuity table to determine minimum standard of valuation for group annuity or pure endowment contract.
NAC 681B.165. Opinions and supporting memoranda: Annual submission required; form of submission; extension of time for submission.
NAC 681B.170. Notice to Commissioner regarding appointed actuary.
NAC 681B.175. Requirements for asset adequacy analysis.
NAC 681B.180. Application of opinion to business in force on date of annual statement; determination of need for additional reserves; release of additional reserves.
NAC 681B.205. Opinion as to computation of reserves and related items: Contents.
NAC 681B.210. Opinion based on asset adequacy analysis: Contents.
NAC 681B.215. Supporting memorandum: Examination by Commissioner; requirements for preparation; review by qualified actuary; regulatory asset adequacy issues summary.
NAC 681B.220. Supporting memorandum: Contents.
NAC 681B.221. Regulatory asset adequacy issues summary: Contents.
NAC 681B.222. Adoption of new actuarial assumptions for new issues or claims not considered change of actuarial assumptions.
NAC 681B.223. Refusal to provide actuarial opinion; issuance of adverse or qualified actuarial opinion.
NAC 681B.224. Opinion of qualified actuary submitted by a foreign insurer: Requirements.
NAC 681B.225. Asset adequacy analysis: Aggregation of reserves and assets.
NAC 681B.230. Asset adequacy analysis: Allocation of assets.
NAC 681B.235. Asset adequacy analysis: Use of appropriate allocation of assets in amount of Interest Maintenance Reserve; disclosure of amount of assets used for Asset Valuation required.
NAC 681B.240. Asset adequacy analysis: Consideration of certain interest rate scenarios.
NAC 681B.245. Asset adequacy analysis: Retention of certain documentation required.
NAC 681B.250. Definitions.
NAC 681B.255. “Appointed actuary” defined.
NAC 681B.260. “Domiciliary commissioner” defined.
NAC 681B.265. “Property and casualty insurance company” defined.
NAC 681B.270. “Qualified actuary” defined.
NAC 681B.275. Annual submission of opinion required; form of submission; treatment as public document.
NAC 681B.280. Supporting document entitled “Actuarial Opinion Summary” required.
NAC 681B.285. Supporting document entitled “Actuarial Report” required; availability to Commissioner; review by actuary at expense of company in certain circumstances.
NAC 681B.290. Confidentiality of records.
NAC 681B.300. Definitions.
NAC 681B.305. Filing of report.
NAC 681B.310. Information required to be disclosed in report of material acquisition or disposition of assets.
NAC 681B.315. Reporting of material acquisitions and dispositions of assets on nonconsolidated basis; exception.
NAC 681B.320. Exceptions for filing of report.
NAC 681B.325. Information required to be disclosed in report of material nonrenewal, cancellation or revision of agreement for ceded reinsurance or material new agreement for ceded reinsurance that affects in-force life insurance business of insurer.
NAC 681B.330. Reporting of material nonrenewals, cancellations or revisions of agreements for ceded reinsurance, and material new agreements for ceded reinsurance that affect in-force life insurance business of insurer, on nonconsolidated basis; exception.
NAC 681B.335. Restriction against assumption of reinsurance by certain insurers and certain other organizations.
General Provisions
Report on Risk-Based Capital
Events Requiring Company Action
Events Requiring Regulatory Action
Events Requiring Authorized Control
Events Requiring Mandatory Control
Foreign Insurers
Miscellaneous Provisions