Chapter693A Corporate Powers and Procedures of Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers  

NAC 693A.010. Application of provisions.
NAC 693A.110. “Participant” defined.
NAC 693A.115. Conversion of mutual into stock insurer: Interpretation of certain statutory terms.
NAC 693A.120. Definitions.
NAC 693A.130. Proxies, consents and authorizations.
NAC 693A.140. Equivalent information.
NAC 693A.150. Information to security holders.
NAC 693A.160. Proxy and information statements.
NAC 693A.170. Filing of solicitations.
NAC 693A.180. False or misleading statements.
NAC 693A.190. Undated or postdated proxies.
NAC 693A.210. Election contests.
NAC 693A.220. Solicitations: Filing of information.
NAC 693A.230. Solicitations before furnishing of proxy statements: Conditions.
NAC 693A.240. Solicitations before furnishing of proxy statements: Filing.
NAC 693A.250. Annual reports.
NAC 693A.310. Proxy and information statements: Required information.
NAC 693A.320. Revocability.
NAC 693A.330. Dissenters’ rights of appraisal.
NAC 693A.340. Identification of source.
NAC 693A.350. Certain interests.
NAC 693A.360. Voting securities.
NAC 693A.370. Nominees and directors.
NAC 693A.380. Remuneration and other transactions.
NAC 693A.390. Bonus, profit-sharing and other remuneration plans.
NAC 693A.400. Pension and retirement plans.
NAC 693A.410. Options, warrants and rights.
NAC 693A.420. Authorization or issue of securities.
NAC 693A.430. Mergers, consolidations and acquisitions.
NAC 693A.440. Restatements of accounts.
NAC 693A.450. Other information.
NAC 693A.460. Amendments to charter and bylaws.
NAC 693A.510. Election contests.
NAC 693A.520. Insurer name and address.
NAC 693A.530. Contestant name and background.
NAC 693A.540. Interest of the contestant.
NAC 693A.550. Other information.
NAC 693A.560. Signature of statements.
NAC 693A.600. Definitions.
NAC 693A.610. “Accredited state” defined.
NAC 693A.620. “Broker” defined.
NAC 693A.630. “Captive insurer” defined.
NAC 693A.640. “Control” and “controlled” defined.
NAC 693A.650. “Controlling broker” defined.
NAC 693A.660. “Controlled insurer” defined.
NAC 693A.670. Applicability.
NAC 693A.680. Written contract specifying responsibilities of controlling broker and controlled insurer.
NAC 693A.690. Responsibilities of controlling broker: Accounting to controlled insurer; remission of money to controlled insurer; holding of money for controlled insurer; maintenance of records for controlled insurer.
NAC 693A.700. Standards, rules, procedures, rates and conditions of controlled insurer; rates of commissions, charges and other fees of controlling broker.
NAC 693A.710. Conditions for payments of compensation or commissions.
NAC 693A.720. Limit on writings of controlling broker: Provision; notification.
NAC 693A.730. Reinsurance by controlled insurer; contents of guidelines for underwriting.
NAC 693A.740. Audit committee: Establishment, composition; duties.
NAC 693A.750. Required filing and reporting by controlled insurer.
NAC 693A.760. Notice of relationship between controlling broker and controlled insurer; statement required if business is placed through broker who is not controlling broker.
NAC 693A.770. Procedure upon noncompliance with certain provisions.