Chapter233 Nevada Equal Rights Commission  

NAC 233.002. Definitions.
NAC 233.003. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 233.005. “Commission” defined.
NAC 233.007. “Person who conducts the hearing” defined.
NAC 233.008. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 233.010. Scope of rules of practice.
NAC 233.020. Construction; deviation from rules.
NAC 233.030. Severability.
NAC 233.040. Submission of information concerning alleged discrimination.
NAC 233.050. Date of occurrence of discriminatory practice.
NAC 233.060. Complaints: Submission; forms.
NAC 233.070. Complaints: Contents; limitation upon receipt; amendment.
NAC 233.080. Complaints: Action upon receipt; service on and action by respondent.
NAC 233.090. Petition for reconsideration of dismissal of complaint.
NAC 233.100. Withdrawal of complaint.
NAC 233.103. Representation of parties.
NAC 233.105. Informal meeting to attempt settlement.
NAC 233.110. Investigation of discriminatory practices.
NAC 233.115. Confidentiality of information gathered during investigation.
NAC 233.125. Rules of evidence; informality of proceedings.
NAC 233.130. Conciliation.
NAC 233.135. Stipulations.
NAC 233.145. Briefs.
NAC 233.150. Consolidation of hearings.
NAC 233.155. Continuances.
NAC 233.160. Powers of persons who conduct hearings.
NAC 233.170. Subpoenas.
NAC 233.180. Depositions.
NAC 233.190. Failure to appear at hearing; rehearings.
NAC 233.200. Determination of person who conducts hearing.
NAC 233.210. Decision of Commission.
NAC 233.215. Record and transcripts of hearings.
NAC 233.220. Closure of case; reopening of closed case.
NAC 233.250. Petition for advisory opinion: Filing and contents; action by Commission.
NAC 233.260. Petition for declaratory order: Filing and contents; action by Commission.
NAC 233.270. Petition for adoption, filing, amendment or repeal of regulation: Filing and contents; action by Commission.