Chapter461 Manufactured Buildings  

NAC 461.010. Applicability of chapter.
NAC 461.020. Definitions.
NAC 461.050. “Manufactured building” defined: Commercial coaches included for certain purposes.
NAC 461.100. Application for approval by Administrator of manufacturer’s system of construction and plans.
NAC 461.110. Action by Administrator on application for approval.
NAC 461.113. Approval of third-party reviewers.
NAC 461.115. Submission of certain information regarding third-party reviewer.
NAC 461.117. Prerequisites to submission and approval of plans; duties of reviewer.
NAC 461.120. Approval of alternative materials and methods of construction.
NAC 461.125. Labeling of plumbing fixtures in certain manufactured buildings.
NAC 461.130. Insigne required on product before removal from plant.
NAC 461.140. Application for insigne.
NAC 461.150. Transferability and ownership of insignia.
NAC 461.160. Lost or damaged insignia.
NAC 461.170. Serial numbers on products.
NAC 461.180. Notice of change of name, address, ownership or management.
NAC 461.190. Changes to approved plans.
NAC 461.200. Revocation of approval of Administrator.
NAC 461.205. Adoption of certain codes by reference; modifications.
NAC 461.207. Effect of changes to technical codes.
NAC 461.210. Fees.
NAC 461.300. Inspection of plant and products of manufacturer.
NAC 461.310. Inspections by Division.
NAC 461.320. Contracts for performance of inspections.
NAC 461.330. Conditions for approval of private agency as an inspector.
NAC 461.340. Duties of inspector.
NAC 461.350. Liability for cost of removal or replacement of material during inspection.
NAC 461.360. Manufacturers’ records of inspection.
NAC 461.370. Tests to determine compliance.
NAC 461.380. Procedure after violation is found.
NAC 461.390. Complaints by owners.
NAC 461.400. Stop orders.