Chapter490 Off-Highway Vehicles  

NAC 490.010. Definitions.
NAC 490.015. “Advertisement” defined.
NAC 490.020. “Authorized dealer” defined.
NAC 490.021. “Authorized representative” defined.
NAC 490.040. “Department” defined.
NAC 490.041. “Display an off-highway vehicle for sale” defined.
NAC 490.042. “Distributor” defined.
NAC 490.043. “Document” defined.
NAC 490.044. “Down payment” defined.
NAC 490.045. “Exhibit off-highway vehicles” defined.
NAC 490.046. “Identification number” defined.
NAC 490.047. “Lienholder” defined.
NAC 490.050. “Off-highway vehicle” defined.
NAC 490.051. “Owner” defined.
NAC 490.052. “Purchase price” defined.
NAC 490.053. “Registered owner” defined.
NAC 490.054. “Resident” defined.
NAC 490.055. “Security interest” defined.
NAC 490.065. Confidentiality of personal information.
NAC 490.075. Form for authorization of disclosure of financial records.
NAC 490.085. Provision of forms.
NAC 490.095. Request for extension of time to submit certain documents and fees; granting of request.
NAC 490.105. Denial of request for extension of time to submit certain documents and fees; resubmission of request; return and resubmission of certain documents.
NAC 490.115. Duties of Department upon presentation of off-highway vehicle to obtain identification number.
NAC 490.120. Validity of registration decal: Powers and duties of Department and authorized dealers.
NAC 490.125. Notification of Department or local law enforcement agency within certain period of discovery of off-highway vehicle having certain numbers or marks falsely attached, removed, defaced, altered or obliterated.
Authority to Engage in Activities as Authorized Dealer; Licensing
Temporary Licenses for Temporary Locations
NAC 490.300. Sale of new off-highway vehicle: Contents of report of sale; certificate or statement of origin; duties of seller.
NAC 490.305. Lease of new off-highway vehicle by long-term lessor: Contents of report of sale; certificate or statement of origin; duties of long-term lessor.
NAC 490.310. Sale of used off-highway vehicle: Contents of report of sale; duties of seller.
NAC 490.315. Lease of used off-highway vehicle by long-term lessor: Contents of report of sale; duties of long-term lessor.
NAC 490.320. Issuance of certificate of title to buyer, secured party or assignee.
NAC 490.325. Issuance of certificates of title to certain secured parties.
NAC 490.330. Issuance of registration decal.
NAC 490.335. Delivery of certificate of title following performance of terms of contract or security agreement; complaint; investigation; administrative fine; request for hearing.
NAC 490.340. Applicable provisions for perfection and release of security interest.
NAC 490.345. Inapplicability of certain provisions to security interests in certain off-highway vehicles.
NAC 490.350. Effect of action or failure to act by Department or its officers or employees.
NAC 490.355. Obtaining duplicate certificate of title to use as security with intent to defraud prohibited.
NAC 490.360. Fees.
NAC 490.365. Submission of documents after sale.
NAC 490.400. Application for registration decal or renewal.
NAC 490.405. Application for registration decal for off-highway vehicle not previously registered in this State: Certificate of inspection.
NAC 490.410. Evidence or affidavit concerning payment of applicable taxes; payment of all applicable taxes and fees required for registration.
NAC 490.415. Grounds requiring refusal of issuance of registration decal.
NAC 490.420. Cancellation of registration decal or certificate of title.
NAC 490.425. Registration of off-highway vehicle and owner in database.
NAC 490.430. Contents of certificate of title.
NAC 490.435. Certificate of title in beneficiary form: Request; application; fee; restriction upon issuance; contents; signatures and transactions; interest; duties of Department.
NAC 490.440. Expiration and renewal of registration decal.
NAC 490.445. Change of name or place of residence: Notice to Department required; timing and contents of notice.
NAC 490.450. Fee for annual registration.
NAC 490.500. Expiration of registration decal on transfer of ownership or destruction of off-highway vehicle; registration decal nontransferable.
NAC 490.505. Endorsement of certificate of title upon transfer; registration and payment of fees by transferee; exceptions.
NAC 490.510. Registration if transferee unable to produce registration decal or title.
NAC 490.515. Transfer other than voluntary transfer: Expiration of registration decal; operation of off-highway vehicle.
NAC 490.530. Sale or lease of repossessed off-highway vehicle: Persons liable on security agreement to be given written notice of intent in advance; required manner of provision and contents of notice; rights of persons liable on security agreement.
NAC 490.535. Sale of repossessed off-highway vehicle in commercially reasonable manner; application of proceeds; injunctive relief; damages.
NAC 490.540. Reports of repossession to peace officer and Department.
NAC 490.560. Action by Department on reports of stolen, embezzled and recovered off-highway vehicles.
NAC 490.565. Authority of police officer, without warrant, to seize and take possession of certain vehicles; inspection and written report concerning certain falsely attached, removed, defaced, altered or obliterated numbers and marks; authority of court to declare off-highway vehicle forfeited under certain circumstances; charging of criminal act must not precede completion of report.
NAC 490.570. Disposition of seized off-highway vehicle.
NAC 490.600. Certain prohibited acts.
NAC 490.605. Prohibited sale, offer of sale or display for sale of off-highway vehicle.
NAC 490.610. Prohibited removal, defacement, alteration or obliteration of identification number or mark of off-highway vehicle; restoration of number.
NAC 490.615. Administrative fines for engaging in deceptive trade practice.