Chapter704A Facilities Placed Underground  

NAC 704A.010. Definitions.
NAC 704A.020. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 704A.030. “Building” defined.
NAC 704A.040. “Cable” defined.
NAC 704A.050. “Commission” defined.
NAC 704A.060. “Conduit” and “duct” defined.
NAC 704A.065. “Development” defined.
NAC 704A.070. “Direct burial” defined.
NAC 704A.080. “Lot front footage” defined.
NAC 704A.090. “National Electric Safety Code” defined.
NAC 704A.110. “Utility” defined.
NAC 704A.200. Applicability; exception.
NAC 704A.210. Cooperation.
NAC 704A.220. Easements.
NAC 704A.230. Design of system.
NAC 704A.240. Advances before construction.
NAC 704A.250. Refunds of advances.
NAC 704A.260. Extension of lines to development.
NAC 704A.270. Ownership and maintenance of facilities.
NAC 704A.280. Responsibility of utility and applicant for installation.
NAC 704A.290. Trenches.
NAC 704A.300. Conduits and preassembled cable in conduits.
NAC 704A.310. Duplication of lines prohibited.
NAC 704A.320. Exceptions for special circumstances.
NAC 704A.350. Definitions.
NAC 704A.360. “Cable” defined.
NAC 704A.370. “Commission” defined.
NAC 704A.380. “Conduit” defined.
NAC 704A.390. “Developer” defined.
NAC 704A.400. “Development” defined.
NAC 704A.410. “Direct burial” defined.
NAC 704A.420. “Dwelling” defined.
NAC 704A.430. Applicability.
NAC 704A.440. Extension of facilities to development; preliminary plans and estimates.
NAC 704A.450. Placing of facilities; rights-of-way and easements.
NAC 704A.460. Information furnished by developer; advances; schedule of construction.
NAC 704A.470. Selection of material used in construction.
NAC 704A.480. Trenching.
NAC 704A.490. Joint trenches and separate trenches.
NAC 704A.500. Direct burial; conduits.
NAC 704A.510. Responsibility for construction; ownership and maintenance.
NAC 704A.520. Advance of portion of estimated costs.
NAC 704A.530. Additional advances.
NAC 704A.540. Interest on refundable advance.
NAC 704A.550. Refunds of advances.
NAC 704A.560. Records.
NAC 704A.570. Waivers.
NAC 704A.600. Burial of nonconductive subsurface installations.