Chapter502 Wildlife: Licenses, Tags and Permits  

NAC 502.001. Definitions.
NAC 502.0015. “Accompanies and directly supervises” defined.
NAC 502.002. “Antelope with horns longer than its ears” defined.
NAC 502.0025. “Antelope with horns longer than its ears only” defined.
NAC 502.003. “Antelope with horns shorter than its ears” defined.
NAC 502.0035. “Antelope with horns shorter than its ears only” defined.
NAC 502.005. “Antler” defined.
NAC 502.006. “Antler point” defined.
NAC 502.007. “Antlered deer” defined.
NAC 502.0072. “Antlered deer only” defined.
NAC 502.0074. “Antlered elk” defined.
NAC 502.0076. “Antlered elk only” defined.
NAC 502.008. “Antlerless deer” defined.
NAC 502.0085. “Antlerless deer only” defined.
NAC 502.009. “Antlerless elk” defined.
NAC 502.0095. “Antlerless elk only” defined.
NAC 502.0097. “Apprentice hunter” defined.
NAC 502.010. “Armed Forces of the United States” defined.
NAC 502.012. “Automated license agent” defined.
NAC 502.015. “Batch report” defined.
NAC 502.020. “Big game mammal” defined.
NAC 502.027. “Bonus point program” defined.
NAC 502.033. “Commission” defined.
NAC 502.040. “Department” defined.
NAC 502.050. “General hunt” defined.
NAC 502.054. “Hunt number” defined.
NAC 502.057. “Hunter choice number” defined.
NAC 502.060. “Hunting” defined.
NAC 502.063. “Junior hunt” defined.
NAC 502.065. “License agent” defined.
NAC 502.080. “License office” defined.
NAC 502.082. “Manual license agent” defined.
NAC 502.083. “Mentor hunter” defined.
NAC 502.084. “Nevada Interstate Boundary Waters License” defined.
NAC 502.085. “Nonresident” defined.
NAC 502.090. “Person who is blind” defined.
NAC 502.101. “Short-term permit” defined.
NAC 502.104. “Spike elk” defined.
NAC 502.1045. “Spike elk only” defined.
NAC 502.105. “Type of hunt” defined.
NAC 502.115. “Validate” defined.
NAC 502.117. “Resident Native American” interpreted.
NAC 502.118. Method of payment; fee for application submitted electronically.
NAC 502.119. Dishonored checks or drafts; effect of dishonored payment or nonpayment.
NAC 502.120. Authorization of agent to issue licenses, tags, stamps and permits.
NAC 502.125. Unlawful issuance of licenses, tags, stamps, permits and other documents.
NAC 502.140. Appointment of agents; participation in automated licensing system.
NAC 502.145. Application; fee; financial information; permanent building; investigation by Department; contract.
NAC 502.147. Criteria considered for approval of application.
NAC 502.150. Bond required; payment of premium for bond; transfer or sale of business.
NAC 502.152. Responsibilities of agent; prohibited acts.
NAC 502.160. Disposition of money collected; failure to comply; availability of documents for inspection and audit.
NAC 502.165. Department to establish procedures regarding documents.
NAC 502.170. Batch reports: Dates due; submission; delinquency.
NAC 502.180. Voided documents: Credit to or assessment of license agent.
NAC 502.182. Recall of documents at close of season or license year: Procedure; assessment of fee for documents not received.
NAC 502.185. Lost batch reports; stolen documents; assessed value of missing documents.
NAC 502.192. Relinquishment or cancellation of authority: Recall and return of documents; assessment of fee for documents not returned.
NAC 502.195. Grounds for probation of agent or cancellation of authority.
NAC 502.197. Cancellation of authority: Appeal to Commission; limitations on reapplication.
NAC 502.200. Resident’s license or permit: Proof of identity and residency; information furnished by applicant and agent; signature of applicant.
NAC 502.205. Inclusion of social security number in application for hunting license.
NAC 502.211. Removal of personal information from lists sold by Department.
NAC 502.220. Issuance of licenses to members of Armed Forces who are residents of Nevada.
NAC 502.240. Issuance of hunting licenses to persons who are blind: Certificate.
NAC 502.245. Application for license for person with severe physical disability.
NAC 502.250. Application and fee for duplicate license.
NAC 502.260. Nonresident’s license or permit: Information furnished by applicant and agent.
NAC 502.262. Apprentice hunting license: Proof of identity; information furnished by applicant and agent.
NAC 502.263. Apprentice hunting license: Temporary authorization number issued in lieu of license.
NAC 502.264. Mentor hunter: Contents of affidavit; separate affidavit required for each apprentice hunter.
NAC 502.265. Mentor hunter: Period of validity of affidavit.
NAC 502.266. Mentor hunter: Possession of affidavit; requirements for accompaniment and direct supervision of apprentice hunter.
NAC 502.271. Temporary authorization number for license or stamp purchased over Internet or by telephone.
NAC 502.280. License, tag or permit issued without validated class code; license, tag or permit issued with more than one class code validated.
NAC 502.282. Permits for season or special use: Computerized system of drawing; application; fee.
NAC 502.283. Short-term permits; authorization number in lieu of document.
NAC 502.285. Fishing in reciprocal waters of Colorado River, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave.
NAC 502.286. Fishing in Lake Tahoe and Topaz Lake.
NAC 502.291. 1-day group fishing permits; authorization number in lieu of document.
NAC 502.295. Special fishing permits: Expiration.
NAC 502.297. Use of second rod.
NAC 502.300. Date when fishing license not required.
General Provisions
General Procedure for Awarding Tags and Bonus Points
Special Incentive Elk Tags
Restricted Nonresident Deer Tags
Damage Compensation Tags
Dream Tags
Partnership in Wildlife Drawing
NAC 502.4291. Electronic application authorized for residents and nonresidents; procedure if applicant is unsuccessful in obtaining tag.
NAC 502.4292. Contents of application; valid hunting license required; fees.
NAC 502.4293. Eligibility to apply.
NAC 502.4294. Bonus points.
NAC 502.4295. Seasons, quotas and other conditions; error by Department.
NAC 502.4296. Third-party error.
NAC 502.4297. Rejection of application.
NAC 502.4298. Computerized system of drawing; alternate list; procedure to refill quota.
NAC 502.430. Definitions.
NAC 502.435. Taxidermist license required.
NAC 502.440. License: Application; validity; renewal.
NAC 502.445. Commercial taxidermist: Authorized acts.
NAC 502.450. Noncommercial taxidermist: Authorized acts.
NAC 502.455. Taxidermic records; identification tags for taxidermic items.
NAC 502.460. “Artificial or artificially created body of water” interpreted.
NAC 502.465. “Chemicals or substances” interpreted.
NAC 502.470. “Normal use” interpreted.
NAC 502.475. Permits: Form; fee.
NAC 502.480. Permits: Individual design; compliance with conditions.
NAC 502.482. Payment of annual assessment by holder of permit.
NAC 502.485. Reports regarding death of wildlife.
NAC 502.495. Access by Department to property.
NAC 502.500. Course in safe handling of firearms; fees.