Chapter641B Social Workers  

NAC 641B.005. Definitions.
NAC 641B.010. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 641B.012. “Approved provider of continuing education” defined.
NAC 641B.015. “Board” defined.
NAC 641B.017. “Client” defined.
NAC 641B.022. “Colleague” defined.
NAC 641B.025. “Complainant” defined.
NAC 641B.027. “Continuing education hour” defined.
NAC 641B.028. “Degree in a related field” defined.
NAC 641B.035. “Intern” defined.
NAC 641B.040. “Intervener” defined.
NAC 641B.041. “Licensed associate in social work” defined.
NAC 641B.042. “Licensed clinical social worker” defined.
NAC 641B.043. “Licensed independent social worker” defined.
NAC 641B.044. “Licensed social worker” defined.
NAC 641B.045. “Licensee” defined.
NAC 641B.047. “Licensing period” defined.
NAC 641B.050. “Petitioner” defined.
NAC 641B.052. “Program of continuing education” defined.
NAC 641B.055. “Protestant” defined.
NAC 641B.056. “Provider” defined.
NAC 641B.057. “Psychotherapeutic methods and techniques” defined.
NAC 641B.060. “Respondent” defined.
NAC 641B.062. “Services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate” defined.
NAC 641B.063. “Social work services” defined.
NAC 641B.065. “Social worker” defined.
NAC 641B.068. Interpretation of term “all costs incurred by the Board relating to the discipline of the person.”
NAC 641B.069. Interpretation of terms used in NRS 641B.030.
NAC 641B.070. Severability.
NAC 641B.075. Evidence of license.
NAC 641B.080. Display of license.
NAC 641B.082. Display of internship certificate.
NAC 641B.085. List of licensed persons; notice of change of address.
NAC 641B.090. Application for licensure or renewal; conditions for waiver of examination.
NAC 641B.095. Evidence of age, citizenship and entitlement to remain and work in United States.
NAC 641B.100. Evidence of education.
NAC 641B.105. Examinations.
NAC 641B.110. Expiration and renewal of license and provisional license.
NAC 641B.111. Restoration of expired license.
NAC 641B.112. Provisional license: Eligibility; validity; disciplinary action; reinstatement or restoration; supervision of holder.
NAC 641B.115. Fees.
NAC 641B.120. Payment and handling of fees and remittances; lapse of applications.
NAC 641B.124. Practice by electronic, telephonic or other means.
NAC 641B.126. Licensure by endorsement.
NAC 641B.131. “Degree in a related field” defined for purposes of qualifying for license or provisional license.
NAC 641B.140. Licensed independent social worker: Internship required for licensure.
NAC 641B.150. Licensed clinical social worker: Internship required for licensure.
NAC 641B.155. Supervisors of interns: Generally.
NAC 641B.160. Supervisors of interns: Duties; additional internship hours if required; withdrawal of approval to supervise; reapplication for approval.
NAC 641B.165. Supervisors of interns: Requirements for provision or continuation of supervision.
NAC 641B.170. Supervisors of interns: Agreement for fee.
NAC 641B.187. Prerequisites and requirements for renewal of license; grounds for disciplinary action.
NAC 641B.188. Affidavit of completion: Submission; verification of authenticity.
NAC 641B.189. Approval of program by Board; acceptable forms of program; unacceptable courses and programs.
NAC 641B.190. Approval: General requirements.
NAC 641B.191. Approval: Application by provider; action by Board; provider to submit quarterly reports; request for reconsideration of denial.
NAC 641B.192. Approval: Application by licensee; request for approval for credit of program created and directed by licensee.
NAC 641B.193. Complaint regarding program of continuing education or provider: Investigation by Board; denial or withdrawal of approval.
NAC 641B.194. Providers: Maintenance of records; issuance of certificates of completion.
NAC 641B.195. Providers: Submission of information to Board.
NAC 641B.200. Professional responsibility.
NAC 641B.205. Responsibility to client.
NAC 641B.210. Confidentiality of records.
NAC 641B.215. Research: Consent and protection of participants; credit for work.
NAC 641B.220. Unprofessional conduct.
NAC 641B.225. “Professional incompetence” interpreted.
NAC 641B.240. Use of title.
NAC 641B.245. Appointment of hearing officer.
Parties and Representatives
Pleadings, Motions and Discovery
Miscellaneous Petitions