Chapter391 Educational Personnel  

NAC 391.010. Definitions.
NAC 391.013. Determination of “full state certification” for purposes of federal No Child Left Behind Act.
NAC 391.015. Location of state offices; acquisition of forms for licensure.
NAC 391.020. Validity of license not retroactively affected by amendment of regulations.
NAC 391.022. Assignment of unique identification number to each license.
NAC 391.025. Responsibility for licensure; endorsement; substitution of certain requirements for experience.
NAC 391.028. Licensure of person who teaches program of education transmitted from another state through electronic medium.
NAC 391.030. Qualification to become licensed employee of school district: Courses or examination in certain subjects required; exemption.
NAC 391.036. Tests of competency required for initial license; exemptions; failure to comply; times for administration of tests.
NAC 391.040. Determination of qualifications of applicant for licensure.
NAC 391.042. Initial license requiring student teaching experience: Conditions for substitution of teaching experience.
NAC 391.045. Application for license or endorsement: Required documentation; fee; applicability of academic credits.
NAC 391.050. Transcripts.
NAC 391.052. Criteria for approval of standards for licensing teachers of another state; credit for previous teaching service.
NAC 391.0535. Denial of license to certain persons licensed or certified in another state.
NAC 391.054. Licensure of person licensed or certified in another state; issuance of provisional license under certain circumstances.
NAC 391.0545. Licensure of person who holds National Board Certificate.
NAC 391.055. Provisional 1-year licensure or endorsement of person who holds renewable license issued in this State.
NAC 391.056. Provisional nonrenewable licensure: Qualifications; term of validity; addition of endorsements; inapplicability to certain persons.
NAC 391.0565. Provisional nonrenewable licensure: Removal of provisions.
NAC 391.0568. Provisional licensure pending receipt of reports on criminal history of applicant.
NAC 391.057. Conditional licensure: Qualifications; authorized employment; term of validity; automatic revocation.
NAC 391.0573. Conditional licensure: Areas of instruction to teach certain pupils; categories of instruction to teach special education to certain pupils.
NAC 391.0575. Conditional licensure: Requirements to apply for initial license to teach secondary education or to teach pupils in prekindergarten through grade 12 in specific area.
NAC 391.0577. Conditional licensure: Requirements to apply for initial license to teach elementary education, to teach pupils in program of early childhood education or to teach special education to pupils in prekindergarten through grade 12 in certain categories.
NAC 391.0583. Special qualifications licensure: Qualifications; areas of endorsement; duties of employing school district or private school; requirements of licensee following issuance; validity.
NAC 391.0585. Alternate special qualifications licensure.
NAC 391.059. Testing or assessment of teacher assigned to program of bilingual education; maintenance of records; annual report.
NAC 391.060. Expiration of licenses and endorsements.
NAC 391.063. Voluntary surrender and reinstatement of license or endorsement.
NAC 391.065. Renewal of license: Educational and professional requirements; exception.
NAC 391.070. Renewal of license: General requirements; fee; delay of expiration date by Superintendent of Public Instruction.
NAC 391.073. Renewal of license: Requirements for persons who are retired and hold a valid license issued by Superintendent of Public Instruction; fee; term of validity; delay of expiration date by Superintendent; endorsement; renewal.
NAC 391.075. Renewal of license: Credits and courses.
NAC 391.077. Extension of time prescribed for renewal of license or for validity of provisional license; time for filing request for extension; period of validity.
NAC 391.080. Approval of providers of continuing education.
NAC 391.082. Approval of courses completed by applicant at regionally accredited institution.
NAC 391.083. Limitation on employment of person who holds license to teach and certain special endorsements.
NAC 391.085. Emergency relief from regulations.
NAC 391.087. Requirements for teaching in program of instruction for prekindergarten pupils; exception.
NAC 391.089. Qualifications for teaching pupils from birth through second grade.
NAC 391.0895. Qualifications for teaching pupils in grades 5 through 9.
NAC 391.090. Authority conferred by license.
NAC 391.095. Qualifications for elementary license.
NAC 391.096. Qualifications for physical education elementary license.
NAC 391.098. Endorsements.
NAC 391.100. Professional license as elementary teacher.
NAC 391.111. Qualifications for license; requirements and recognized subjects for endorsement.
NAC 391.113. Endorsement for recognized field of teaching.
NAC 391.120. Qualifications for license.
NAC 391.125. Endorsement for recognized field of teaching.
NAC 391.130. Major and minor fields.
NAC 391.1301. Comprehensive majors and minors recognized by Commission.
NAC 391.13015. Major or minor in art.
NAC 391.1302. Major or minor in biological science.
NAC 391.1303. Major or minor in English.
NAC 391.1304. Major or minor in general science.
NAC 391.13043. Major or minor in mathematics.
NAC 391.13045. Major or minor in instrumental music.
NAC 391.13046. Major or minor in instrumental and vocal music.
NAC 391.13047. Major or minor in vocal music.
NAC 391.13048. Major or minor in physical education.
NAC 391.1305. Major or minor in physical science.
NAC 391.1306. Major or minor in social studies.
NAC 391.13062. Major or minor in agricultural education.
NAC 391.13064. Major or minor in automotive service technology.
NAC 391.13065. Endorsement to teach automotive service technology: Qualifications; provisional endorsement; credit toward renewal of license.
NAC 391.13066. Major or minor in business education.
NAC 391.13068. Major or minor in child care.
NAC 391.1307. Major or minor in communications and media.
NAC 391.13072. Major or minor in construction technology.
NAC 391.13074. Major or minor in drafting and design technology.
NAC 391.13076. Major or minor in electronic technology.
NAC 391.13078. Major or minor in food service.
NAC 391.1308. Major or minor in health occupations.
NAC 391.13082. Major or minor in family and consumer sciences.
NAC 391.13086. Major or minor in human services.
NAC 391.13088. Major or minor in industrial arts.
NAC 391.1309. Major or minor in manufacturing technology.
NAC 391.13092. Major in marketing education.
NAC 391.13094. Major or minor in technology education: Requirements.
NAC 391.13096. Major or minor in technology education: Exemption of teachers from requirements.
NAC 391.13098. Major or minor in technology education: Application for endorsement without satisfying requirements.
NAC 391.131. Single-subject majors and minors.
NAC 391.13105. Single-subject major involving music.
NAC 391.1312. Restrictions on hours of credit for certain subjects.
NAC 391.133. Instructor or coordinator for career and technical education: Qualifications.
NAC 391.134. Career and technical education secondary endorsement: Authorized activities of holder.
NAC 391.135. Professional secondary license: Qualifications.
NAC 391.136. Endorsement in mathematics and science: Conditions for substitution of course work.
NAC 391.146. “Exception” defined.
NAC 391.148. Applicability of provisions.
NAC 391.150. Submission of lists: List of teachers and teaching assignments; list of teachers teaching outside area of endorsement.
NAC 391.152. Request for exception: Submission; form and contents; objection.
NAC 391.154. Request for exception: Action by Superintendent of Public Instruction.
NAC 391.156. Period of exception; extension of period.
NAC 391.158. Limitation on teaching of courses related to area of endorsement.
NAC 391.160. Types of endorsements issued by Department.
NAC 391.170. Endorsement as professional administrator of school or program.
NAC 391.171. Conditional endorsement as professional administrator of school; qualifications; authorized employment; term of validity; automatic revocation; requirements to apply for unconditional endorsement.
NAC 391.175. Endorsement to act as supervisor of curriculum and instruction.
NAC 391.179. Issuance or renewal of limited endorsement on or after July 1, 2002; duration of limited endorsement in effect on that date.
NAC 391.180. Endorsement as school counselor.
NAC 391.185. Qualifications for endorsement as school counselor.
NAC 391.187. Authorization to serve as school counselor without endorsement.
NAC 391.192. Endorsement to teach concepts, skills and basic applications regarding computers.
NAC 391.196. Endorsement to teach computer programming or computer science.
NAC 391.202. Endorsement to teach computer-based applications.
NAC 391.215. Endorsement to teach art.
NAC 391.220. Endorsement as professional teacher of art.
NAC 391.223. Endorsement to provide audiological services; exception.
NAC 391.225. Endorsement to teach drivers’ education.
NAC 391.233. Endorsement to teach Great Basin Native American language.
NAC 391.235. Endorsement to teach foreign language.
NAC 391.237. Endorsements to teach English as second language; endorsement as professional teacher of English as second language.
NAC 391.240. Endorsement as professional teacher of foreign language.
NAC 391.242. Endorsements to teach program of bilingual education; provisional endorsement.
NAC 391.243. Endorsement to teach American Sign Language.
NAC 391.245. Endorsement to teach industrial arts.
NAC 391.250. Endorsement as professional teacher of industrial arts.
NAC 391.252. Endorsement to teach Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Program.
NAC 391.255. Endorsement as school library media specialist.
NAC 391.265. Endorsement as professional school library media specialist.
NAC 391.270. Endorsement to teach music.
NAC 391.275. Endorsement as professional teacher of music.
NAC 391.277. Endorsement to teach occupational therapy.
NAC 391.279. Endorsement to teach physical therapy.
NAC 391.280. Endorsement to teach physical education.
NAC 391.282. Endorsement to teach dance education.
NAC 391.285. Endorsement to teach reading.
NAC 391.290. Endorsement as specialist in teaching reading.
NAC 391.305. Endorsement to serve as school nurse.
NAC 391.307. Authorization to serve as school nurse without endorsement.
NAC 391.310. Endorsement as professional nurse for schools.
NAC 391.315. Endorsement to serve as school psychologist: General qualifications; renewal.
NAC 391.316. Endorsement to serve as school psychologist: Required areas of study.
NAC 391.317. Endorsement to serve as school psychologist: Optional areas of study.
NAC 391.318. Endorsement to serve as school psychologist: Requirements for practicum.
NAC 391.319. Endorsement to serve as school psychologist: Internship in psychology.
NAC 391.320. Endorsement to serve as social worker.
NAC 391.325. Endorsement to serve as staff specialist.
NAC 391.330. Endorsement as emergency substitute teacher.
NAC 391.332. Qualifications to serve as substitute teacher; endorsement as substitute teacher; period for which substitute teacher may be hired; provisional nonrenewable special license; renewal.
NAC 391.335. Endorsement to teach grades 5 through 9.
NAC 391.339. Endorsement to teach mathematics in grades 5 to 8, inclusive.
NAC 391.3393. License to teach special education: Qualifications.
NAC 391.3395. Limitations on issuance and renewal of special license with endorsement in special education.
NAC 391.340. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have hearing impairments.
NAC 391.343. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have specific learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, health impairments, orthopedic impairments or traumatic brain injuries.
NAC 391.347. Limited endorsement to teach pupils who have specific learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, health impairments, orthopedic impairments or traumatic brain injuries.
NAC 391.360. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have intellectual disabilities and moderate to intense needs for assistance and intervention.
NAC 391.363. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have disabilities and who are under 8 years of age.
NAC 391.367. Qualifications for teaching adapted physical education to pupils who have disabilities.
NAC 391.370. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have speech and language impairments.
NAC 391.376. Endorsement as professional teacher of pupils who have disabilities.
NAC 391.378. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have autism.
NAC 391.386. Requirement for approval of field experience.
NAC 391.390. Qualifications for teaching pupils who have visual impairments.
NAC 391.391. Endorsement to teach pupils in program of orientation and mobility.
NAC 391.392. Endorsement to teach program of alternative education.
NAC 391.393. Limited endorsement to teach core academic subjects exclusively to pupils with disabilities.
NAC 391.394. Endorsement to teach in program for gifted and talented pupils.
NAC 391.398. Substitute teacher of special education: Application for additional extension of period of hire.
NAC 391.400. Types of endorsements.
NAC 391.420. Business and industry endorsement: Programs for which endorsement may be issued.
NAC 391.425. Business and industry endorsement: Qualifications for receipt and first renewal.
NAC 391.430. Business and industry endorsement: Authorized activities of holder.
NAC 391.436. Endorsement as substitute teacher of business and industry: Issuance; qualifications for receipt and first renewal; period of hire.
NAC 391.461. Application for approval to become qualified provider; review; conditions of provisional approval; term of validity; approval to offer program for different area of licensure; annual evaluation.
NAC 391.463. Revocation of approval of qualified provider: Notification of intent; requirements of exit plan.
NAC 391.465. Approval and publication by Commission of programs offered in another state.
NAC 391.470. Qualifications for issuance of renewable teaching license to persons who complete program offered in another state.
NAC 391.500. Recommendation to Board for suspension or revocation; findings of board of trustees to accept or reject hearing officer’s recommendation; complaint for failure to comply with contract.
NAC 391.503. Failure of holder of license to pay fee imposed by American Arbitration Association for hearing officer.
NAC 391.507. Answer; time to submit.
NAC 391.509. Modification of limitations of time.
NAC 391.513. Hearing: Communication of parties with hearing officer and staff of hearing officer.
NAC 391.515. Hearing: Location; notification of time and location.
NAC 391.520. Hearing: Purpose; presentation of evidence; recordings and transcripts; responsibility for expenses.
NAC 391.525. Hearing: Service of papers; proof of service.
NAC 391.530. Hearing: Postponement; failure to appear.
NAC 391.535. Hearing: Order of presentation of statements, evidence and arguments.
NAC 391.540. Hearing: Depositions of witnesses.
NAC 391.545. Hearing: Conduct of participants; rules of evidence; witnesses; affidavits; exhibits; stipulations; briefs.
NAC 391.550. Hearing: Continuances.
NAC 391.555. Option of holder to appear before Board.
NAC 391.556. Adoption by reference of Model Core Teaching Standards: A Resource for State Dialogue.
NAC 391.557. Requirements for application for approval of course; manual.
NAC 391.558. Procedure and requirements for review of applications and approval of courses; provisional and final approval; denial, expiration and renewal of approval; review of course; annual reports by school district; fee.
NAC 391.560. Annual reports by institution; survey.
NAC 391.565. Definitions.
NAC 391.566. “Performance evaluation of school-level administrator” defined.
NAC 391.567. “Performance evaluation of teacher” defined.
NAC 391.568. “Performance evaluation rating” defined.
NAC 391.569. “School-level administrator” defined.
NAC 391.570. “Statewide performance evaluation system” defined.
NAC 391.571. Performance evaluation of school-level and probationary administrators: Required domains.
NAC 391.572. Performance evaluation of school-level administrator in domain of instructional leadership practices.
NAC 391.573. Performance evaluation of school-level administrator in domain of professional responsibilities.
NAC 391.574. Performance evaluation of teacher: Required domains.
NAC 391.575. Performance evaluation of teacher in domain of instructional practices.
NAC 391.576. Performance evaluation of teacher in domain of professional responsibilities.
NAC 391.577. Performance evaluations of school-level administrators in domains of instructional leadership practices and professional responsibilities and of teachers in domains of instructional practices and professional responsibilities to be measured upon certain data: Observations of performance; review of artifacts; self-assessment; setting goals.
NAC 391.578. Department to prescribe data used to measure performance of school-level administrators and teachers in domain of performance of pupils; authority to differentiate between teachers.
NAC 391.579. Evaluation tools for conducting performance evaluations; application for flexibility to use different evaluation tools.
NAC 391.580. Scoring matrix for performance evaluations of school-level administrators and teachers.
NAC 391.700. Determination of eligibility of licensed teacher for benefit to purchase retirement credit.
NAC 391.710. “Licensed teacher” interpreted; satisfaction of requirement for employment of licensed teacher in school designated as demonstrating need for improvement.
NAC 391.750. “Paraprofessional” defined.
NAC 391.760. Qualifications; responsibility of school districts and charter schools.
NAC 391.770. Alternative assessment: Submission by school district or charter school; approval by Board; passing score.
NAC 391.780. Database of paraprofessionals; list of approved assessments.