Chapter424 Foster Homes for Children  

NAC 424.005. Definitions.
NAC 424.010. “Administrator” defined.
NAC 424.0105. “Agency which provides child welfare services” defined.
NAC 424.011. “Applicant” defined.
NAC 424.015. “Child-placing agency” defined.
NAC 424.020. “Day care” defined.
NAC 424.025. “Director” defined.
NAC 424.030. “Division” defined.
NAC 424.040. “Emergency shelter care” defined.
NAC 424.045. “Family foster home” defined.
NAC 424.050. “Foster home” defined.
NAC 424.055. “Group foster home” defined.
NAC 424.058. “Licensing authority” defined.
NAC 424.059. “Licensing authority representative” defined.
NAC 424.061. “Operator” defined.
NAC 424.065. “Person” defined.
NAC 424.067. “Provider of family foster care” defined.
NAC 424.070. “Resident” defined.
NAC 424.075. “Treatment home” defined.
NAC 424.080. “Twenty-four hour care” defined.
NAC 424.100. Purpose of licensing.
NAC 424.105. Effect of licensing.
NAC 424.110. Application for license.
NAC 424.115. Withdrawal of application; reapplication.
NAC 424.120. Investigation of applicant; visits by licensing authority representative; reports.
NAC 424.125. Release of information for evaluation of foster home.
NAC 424.130. Inspections: General requirements.
NAC 424.135. Inspections: Safety from fire.
NAC 424.140. Applicability of special licensing procedures.
NAC 424.145. Requirements for treatment homes and homes providing emergency shelter care.
NAC 424.150. Nonprofit foster homes: Incorporation in State of Nevada.
NAC 424.160. Limitations on number of children.
NAC 424.165. Initial licensing: Minimum requirements.
NAC 424.167. Initial licensing: Test for active tuberculosis.
NAC 424.170. License: Contents; applicability; use.
NAC 424.175. Change in license: Application; issuance of revised license on approval; request for review on denial; changes proposed by licensing authority representative.
NAC 424.180. Renewal of license.
NAC 424.185. Denial, suspension or revocation of license: Generally.
NAC 424.190. Denial or revocation of license: History of applicant regarding children.
NAC 424.195. Denial, suspension or revocation of license: Criminal history of applicant, licensee or prospective employee.
NAC 424.200. Violations: Investigation and action by licensing authority.
NAC 424.205. Violations: Revocation or suspension of license.
NAC 424.210. Hearing on proposal to revoke or deny renewal of license.
NAC 424.220. Quarterly report of licensing authority.
NAC 424.250. Minimum staffing requirements.
NAC 424.255. General qualifications.
NAC 424.260. Age of foster parent.
NAC 424.265. Financial responsibility.
NAC 424.270. Training.
NAC 424.275. References.
NAC 424.280. Investigations of criminal history of employees and prospective adult residents.
NAC 424.285. Consideration of composition and marital status of foster family and staff.
NAC 424.290. Religious beliefs and practices.
NAC 424.295. Members of staff serving as volunteers.
NAC 424.300. Approval required for person providing professional care to child to be foster parent for child.
NAC 424.350. Location of home.
NAC 424.355. Accessibility of home.
NAC 424.360. Grounds of home.
NAC 424.365. Living space and furnishings: Generally.
NAC 424.370. Doors and windows.
NAC 424.375. Sleeping accommodations.
NAC 424.380. Lavatories and toiletries; laundry.
NAC 424.385. Equipment for kitchens and refrigeration.
NAC 424.390. Equipment for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.
NAC 424.395. Electrical equipment.
NAC 424.400. Safety from fire: Equipment; walls and ceilings.
NAC 424.405. Handrails.
NAC 424.410. Telephones.
NAC 424.415. Refuse.
NAC 424.420. Pools, ponds, hot tubs, saunas and tanning booths.
NAC 424.425. Mobile homes.
NAC 424.450. Duties of foster home: General requirements.
NAC 424.455. Restrictions on provision of care other than foster care and on housing of roomers or boarders.
NAC 424.460. Agreements between foster homes and agencies that place children for provision of services.
NAC 424.465. Placement of child in foster home.
NAC 424.470. Acceptance of children born to children in care.
NAC 424.475. Requirements for notification and reporting.
NAC 424.478. Notice of request to remove child from family foster home.
NAC 424.480. Maintenance, availability and disposition of records regarding children.
NAC 424.485. Confidentiality regarding children; penalty for violation.
NAC 424.490. Maintenance of home and vehicles; transportation of children.
NAC 424.495. Communication and visitation with family and others.
NAC 424.500. Care and treatment of children: General requirements.
NAC 424.505. Supervision of children.
NAC 424.510. Emergency shelter care: Employment of parent outside home.
NAC 424.515. Discipline of children: Aims.
NAC 424.520. Discipline of children: General requirements.
NAC 424.525. Discipline of children: Recommended techniques for management of behavior.
NAC 424.530. Discipline of children: Restrictions.
NAC 424.535. Assignment of chores and other work to children.
NAC 424.540. Provision of food and water to children.
NAC 424.545. Housekeeping and sanitation; supplies for first aid.
NAC 424.550. Physical and mental health of foster parents and members of household.
NAC 424.555. Provision of health care to children.
NAC 424.560. Medicine, medications, stimulants and poisons.
NAC 424.565. Provision of care for mental and emotional health of children.
NAC 424.570. Education of children.
NAC 424.575. Moral and religious training of children.
NAC 424.580. Training in personal health; personal hygiene and grooming.
NAC 424.585. Clothing and personal possessions of children.
NAC 424.590. Pets.
NAC 424.595. Hazardous materials and chemicals.
NAC 424.600. Weapons and ammunition.
NAC 424.605. Safety from fire: Plan for evacuation; drills.
NAC 424.610. Safety plan to protect child from abuse and neglect.
NAC 424.650. Director: Requirement; minimum age; duties.
NAC 424.655. Director: Qualifications.
NAC 424.660. Vacancy in position of director.
NAC 424.665. Staff: Qualifications.
NAC 424.670. Staff: Training.
NAC 424.675. Director and staff: References.
NAC 424.680. Director, foster parents and staff: Criminal history.
NAC 424.690. Description of services offered and scope of program: Submission to Division; contents.
NAC 424.695. Plan of treatment: Preparation and submission.
NAC 424.700. Records: Children.
NAC 424.705. Records: Staff.
NAC 424.750. Audit of records; notice of finding of noncompliance; plan of action; reevaluation; revocation or suspension of license for foster home.
NAC 424.800. Waiver of requirements.
NAC 424.805. Provision of services to foster parents caring for children in custody of agency which provides child welfare services.
NAC 424.810. Provision of information concerning child to provider of family foster care.
NAC 424.815. Access by provider of family foster care to information maintained by licensing authority concerning provider.
NAC 424.820. Liability insurance: Maintenance; notification of cancellation or nonrenewal.