Chapter583 Meat, Fish, Produce, Poultry and Eggs  

NAC 583.010. Definitions and labeling of meat and meat products.
NAC 583.020. Stamps.
NAC 583.030. Form of stamps.
NAC 583.040. Game and uninspected products.
NAC 583.050. Adulterated meat or meat food products.
NAC 583.060. Sale and display of shellfish.
NAC 583.070. Poultry, rabbits, pheasants and similar products.
NAC 583.080. Definitions.
NAC 583.090. General terms defined.
NAC 583.100. Terms descriptive of the shell defined.
NAC 583.111. Terms descriptive of the air cell defined.
NAC 583.121. Terms descriptive of the white defined.
NAC 583.131. Terms descriptive of the yolk defined.
NAC 583.141. Standards of quality for shell eggs of domesticated chickens.
NAC 583.151. Consumer grades for shell eggs.
NAC 583.161. Standards for size and weight classification of shell eggs.
NAC 583.171. Summary of grades for shell eggs.
NAC 583.201. Official samples.
NAC 583.211. Definitions.
NAC 583.221. “Capable of use as human food” defined.
NAC 583.231. “Color additive” defined.
NAC 583.240. “Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act” defined.
NAC 583.250. “Federal Meat Inspection Act” defined.
NAC 583.260. “Firm” defined.
NAC 583.270. “Food additive” defined.
NAC 583.280. “Label” defined.
NAC 583.290. “Meat food product” defined.
NAC 583.300. “Officer” defined.
NAC 583.310. “Official inspection mark” defined.
NAC 583.320. “Pesticide chemical” defined.
NAC 583.330. “Prepared” defined.
NAC 583.340. “Raw agricultural commodity” defined.
NAC 583.350. Scope.
NAC 583.360. Authority of Officer.
NAC 583.370. Inspection service.
NAC 583.380. Appointment and duties of inspectors.
NAC 583.390. Access to establishments; destruction of condemned products.
NAC 583.400. Antemortem examination.
NAC 583.410. Postmortem inspections.
NAC 583.420. Nighttime inspections.
NAC 583.430. Sanitation inspections.
NAC 583.440. Labeling and marking.
NAC 583.450. Reinspection before entry into official establishment.
NAC 583.460. Labels: Prohibited acts.
NAC 583.470. Withdrawal of inspection services.
NAC 583.480. Bribes.
NAC 583.490. Seizure and condemnation.
NAC 583.500. Federal Meat Inspection Act.
NAC 583.510. Federal assistance.
NAC 583.520. Adoption of federal regulations.
NAC 583.530. Exemptions.
NAC 583.532. Definitions.
NAC 583.534. “Certificate” defined.
NAC 583.536. “Facility” defined.
NAC 583.538. “Health Division” defined.
NAC 583.539. “Model ordinance” defined.
NAC 583.540. “Shellfish” defined.
NAC 583.542. “Wholesaler” defined.
NAC 583.546. Adoption by reference of Shellfish Sanitation Model Ordinance.
NAC 583.548. Certificate required to operate as wholesaler.
NAC 583.550. Certificate: Application; issuance; renewal; fees.
NAC 583.552. Certificate: Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation.
NAC 583.554. Certificate: Appeal of denial, suspension or revocation.
NAC 583.560. Requirements for affixing stamp.
NAC 583.570. Analysis of samples.
NAC 583.580. Handling and shipment.
NAC 583.590. Stamp to be affixed to tag; information required on tag.